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As I was fiddling with my phone to find a partner game or during my leisure time in the play store, I found a lot of new apps however, most of them were not worth installing at all before I ended up discovering FionasSecret – Chat Story Game, and I was significantly fascinated since it appeared as though an uncommon something set it apart from the others I’ve not utilized previously, so I needed to give it a shot since I am a lover of interesting games.

At that point I’ve invested some energy with it thus far I need to doubtlessly concede that I’m far fulfilled from by this decent award of pearl. For the designer’s effective delivery on the App Store and Play Store, I believe that they worked superbly with Fionas Secret – Chat Story Game.

To summarize the story: Fiona is the woman of your dreams. As you try to get closer to her, you don’t realize the danger you put her and yourself into. Nick a very attractive friend, also tries to get closer to her. Suddenly he disappears, without a trace. You are suspected too. So can you solve this mystery? Are you able to protect your loved ones? Will you find the love of your life?

So take your choices carefully, because you’ll decide the ending of this story. Fiona’s Secret is an interactive chat game. You chat through various chapters and experience an exciting story. Every decision you make will have consequences.

Be careful, and become the director of your exciting adventure. Fiona’s Secret is written in a gender neutral way, so you are able to play the story regardless of your gender.


With an amazing job done by the developer of this game, you come experience so many unexpected twists and turns which is so engaging and the narratives are short and directly to the point which I like and love. Fascinating story game to keep myself snared till the end. The scenes are so enjoyable to peruse!! An highly recommend game!


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