Google Gravity Tricks and Tips 2021

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Google Gravity is a program that presents the homepage of Google as more impressive and interesting. We can make it with the fun of Google anytime we can. Google Gravity was introduced by Mr. Doob to enhance the user experience of Google. 

In this work MR. Doob creates various tips and tricks which are differently applied and Google. With every trick, you can enjoy a different experience with Google. In this discussion, we’re going to tell you the tricks of Google Gravity 2021 which you can easily use to make your day with Google. 

Google Gravity

Google Gravity is the most primary trick which lets all the content of the Homepage of Google, influenced under Gravity. To use this trick you have to open and type Google Gravity in it. Find the option of “I’m Feeling Lucky” and click on it. Hence the Trick of Google Gravity is activated. 

Zero Gravity Google

Zero Gravity Google is one of the most interesting tricks of Google Gravity. By applying this trick all the content of your Google homepage will start falling. To activate this trick you just have to enter “Zero Gravity Google” on the homepage of Now, you have to click “I’m Feeling Lucky” on the homepage of Google, and hence your Google Gravity Zero Gravity trick will be activated. All your content will fall including the Logo and search bar. 

Google Space

Google space is one of the funniest tricks of Google Gravity in 2021. This trick is just the opposite of Google Zero Gravity. After activating this trick, all the content of the homepage of Google will start Floating around the traditional force. After searching some keywords you’ll experience that all the searched keywords will start floating without any gravitational force. To activate this trick you have to enter “Google Space” on the homepage of Google and click on “I’m feeling lucky”. 

Google Gravity Underwater

Google gravity underwater is the funniest trick of Google Gravity. This generates a creative and stunning background on the homepage of Google. To apply this trick you have to enter “Google Gravity Underwater” on the Homepage of Google. After clicking on “I’m feeling lucky” this trick will apply and the homepage of Google will start getting in the seawater. You can also generate waves with the help of a house. Waves will occur where you click with your cursor. 

Google Guitar

If you love to play guitar then you’ll love this trick too. By activating this trick you’ll enjoy generating new tunes in Google. All your searched keywords will appear in a mirror and you can make new tunes while playing guitar. To activate this trick you just type “Google Guitar” on the homepage of Click on “I’m feeling looking” and hence the work is done. Now, a guitar will be displayed where you can make tunes and your searched keywords are starting to appear in a mirror. 

Google Sphere

Google Sphere is also a great trick of Google Gravity in 2021. This trick is not specified for the homepage of This trick is designed for the index of your where all your searched keywords are displayed. By applying this trick all the search keywords will start displayed on the home page and make a sphere over the Logo. To activate this trick Type “Google Gravity” on and select “I’m feeling lucky”. 

Do a Barrel Roll

If you want Google to do a Barrel Roll for you then this trick is for you. To activate this trick you have to search “Do a barrel roll”. After searching this keyword, the logo of Google will start moving pretty fast after pressing enter. This seems very interesting and creative. 

Zerg Rush

By using this trick all your searched contacts will start displayed on a mirror. This looks very interesting and shiny. To activate this trick you have to type “Zerg Rush” on Click on “I’m feeling lucky” and your trick is activated. Now, search any required content and you’ll see that all the searched media will start displaying in a mirror. 

Google EPIC

Google Epic is an interesting trick of Google Gravity. In this trick, the size of Google will grow and become bigger. To activate this trick you have to enter “Google Epic” in the home of after finding and clicking the option of “I’m feeling lucky” you’ll get the trick activated. The size of Google will grow bigger as you’ve never seen. 


So, here we discussed all the most popular tips and tricks of Google Gravity in 2021. These tricks are very interesting and funny. So, if you’re bored then try these tricks with Google and make your day interesting.

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