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They are the advanced music education software on the web that revolutionizes how musicians learn and practice music. The firm makes use of PWA to deliver the finest music creating and learning experience. The PWA-based software makes the process of learning a piece of music easier and more effective for self-taught musicians with an innovative music player.

The Soundslice player permits users to learn a piece of music while reading and hearing it on any device, whether it’s a phone or a large-screen desktop. On top of that, music teachers can utilize the tool to create interactive music lessons. With strong focus on learning from recordings, Soundslice also has a store that sells lessons and transcriptions. You can create living sheet music. It is best to turn sheet music into an interactive learning environment. They are perfect for practicing, teaching, sharing, transcribing and more.

The notation synced with real recordings. You can tone, feel, technique there’s so much that notation can’t communicate. Soundslice professionally combines the best of both worlds. Intuitive practice tools with simple click a note to go to that moment of the video. You can drag across notes to make a loop. It has feature of slow down, transpose, solo parts and much more. Soundslice works on any device with a web browser. There is no need to install anything.

They have one of the most powerful aspects of Soundslice is the dynamic nature of the notation. Unlike in a PDF, the player always wraps notation to fit your screen super useful when you’re on a smartphone. And hence everything is rendered automatically by custom engine; you can tailor what you see. With the Teacher plan, you can create unlimited Soundslice lessons and share them privately with students.

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