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We know that Twitter is a popular platform to join conversations, actively share your thoughts, and professionally stay up-to-date with breaking news or industry trends. Also with a focused strategy, you can turn your brand’s Twitter account into a powerful for generating leads and building an engaged global community.

Why You Should Need Twitter for Business

With compared to other social platforms it primarily focused on video content or long form captions, Twitter also encourages reactive Tweets and images. So with a 280 character limit, your Tweets need to be short and sweet. This perfectly makes it perfect for delivering company announcements, sharing compelling blog posts, offering timely customer support, and so much more features with a touch of personality.

How to Use Twitter for Business

You can start by actively determining what you want to achieve with your brand’s Twitter account. Select whether you want to drive traffic to your website or grow your community? Next, develop SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely) goals. This includes

  • Growing Twitter community by 15% YOY
  • Increasing engagement by 5% MOM (month-over-month)
  • Increasing website traffic by 25% YOY

Best to Audit Your Twitter Presence

You can use Twitter Analytics or a third-party tool to analyze old Tweets. Also take notice of what performed well, and what didn’t and professionally think about why that might have occurred.

Key metrics to note would be:

  • About Top followers
  • Regarding Locations
  • Factor of Age range breakdown
  • Identify Gender breakdown
  • Sensing Audience interests

Main Factors to Use Twitter

  • Cultivate Your Twitter Voice – Developing unique Twitter voice will set you apart from your competition, which will assist to increase brand loyalty in the long run.
  • Gather Valuable Customer Insights – Search for your firm’s name or product to see what people are saying about it in real-time
  • Plan Your Content In Advance – By efficiently planning and scheduling Tweets in advance, you can easily batch create content and streamline your workflow
  • Experiment with Fleets and Twitter Spaces – Fleets are new, they’re a amazing way for brands to experiment with short-form video content so much similar to Instagram Stories.

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