How WhatsApp for Business Work

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We know that popular WhatsApp is a messenger tool that is regularly used for friends and family chats. It is conveyed that WhatsApp can also be used for business. With the WhatsApp for Business API, popular brands can use WhatsApp as a home for customer service chats, timely notifications, and product recommendations.

It’s an easy and simple platform to reach, engage with customers. The recent evolution of WhatsApp Pay an in-chat payment feature permit users to make transactions widely opens up a whole host of golden opportunities for integrated e-commerce on the platform. Altogether with WhatsApp Pay, the users could soon buy a product directly within the app actively streamlining the end-to-end purchasing process.

Introducing Timely Notifications

More specifically the businesses will soon be able to send timely notifications and updates to customers on WhatsApp, to allow people know when an item is back in stock. It could be informational updates, reminders to book an appointment, or the latest product deals.

Quality New Message Formats

The new messaging formats will assist businesses streamline conversations, resolve issues, and drive conversions. The first of which is list messages, which allows brands present a menu of up to 10 options for customers to select from.

The customers no longer require to type out a response, significantly lowering the barrier to entry. Moreover reply buttons a new format that permits people to make choices from up to three options in one quick tap.

Feature of Add to Cart

Hereafter the customers will now be able to “Add to Cart” within WhatsApp and could be able to make payments directly within the app.

Use of Block/Report a Business

Moreover for limiting how many messages a brand can send and monitoring value metrics, WhatsApp is also effectively introducing ways for users to block or report a business.

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