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Because of serious working conditions my wellbeing was totally spoilt and turned out to be so stressful.I turned out to be exceptionally idle in the previous months . Couldn’t move in my own life by any means. Stress is the justification all your medical problems. In any case, life never abandons pressure. Consistently something new and something else. So needed to get diminished from pressure I sit in front of the TV . pay attention to tunes , read books also. In any case, never acquired a help since every one of these are simply performers. So I began playing versatile games during my difficult circumstances to keep myself sutle. Indeed, even the versatile games which I played were basic and easy.So I needed to give my hands a shot something one of a kind and which expands consideration also. I recall my companion who was playing Royal Tiles game sent me a connection long time back because of occupied with working hours I dint wind up downloading it so immediately returned to talk screen and downloaded Royal Tiles in my portable. After my long working hours I took my cell phone and began playing the Royal Tiles game for at some point and broke not many levels as well. The featuring highlight in this game is figuring out how to strategise.The more you play the more you become familiar with the specialty of Strategizing things. Infact this characteristic assisted me with settling my work issues also.


  • Has different emotes to play and choose with – angry, prophet, sad, servant & more
  • Can play 30 different and challenging game levels with increasing difficulties
  •  Can invite new players on the game to make it more interesting
  • Make your own collection of the royal tiles
  • Can play offline and online using multi player
  • Multiplayer Game Mode with 2 players, 3 players or 4 players
  • In-game tutorial to learn how to play the royal tiles puzzle
  • Multiple languages supported – English, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Indonesian, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Russian, Deutsch
  • Buy coins from the online shop
  • Buy game skins from the game shop
  • Upgrade to get more emotes in the game


Royal Tile Match 5 Puzzle Game has unique gameplay that you will love. Below are some incredible features of this game –

• Each payer has his own 5×5 Player Board

• Players collect tiles by taking all the rules of one color from a repository, or the center of the table, and placing them in a row, taking turns until all the tiles for that round are taken

• At that point, one tile from every filled row moves over to each player’s 5×5 board, while the rest of the tiles in the filled row are discarded

• Each tile score is based on where it is placed concerning the other tiles on the board

• The game round continues until at least one player has made a row of tiles across their 5×5 board

• Additional Points are awarded at the end of the game for each complete row or column and for each instance of all five tiles of the same color being collected

You will never get bored playing the royal tiles puzzle game as you will be able to play the game with different difficulty levels. You can keep a track of your progress while solving these picture tile puzzle games.


Yes, this is yet another great feature of Royal Tiles. Just refer to your friends and win exciting features as well exclusively for you.

  • If you refer 1 friend you will be getting an Avatar
  • If you refer 3 friends you will be getting a new tile skin set
  • If you refer 5 friends you will be rewarded with some attractive and unique emoticons

If you refer 10 friends you will be rewarded with you are going to unlock some unknown features of the game


Download this awesome application and keep your stress away. Life a healthy and happy life by strategizing the priorities of life. Royal Tiles is definitely is a constructive release in the Play Store so far.

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