Royal Tiles – Multiple Online Board Game for tiles matching

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It seems that life gets little anxious, and I’ve been feeling on cloud nine lately. Fortunately, I am able to take reprieve in looking out new mobile game app arrivals across a multitude of platforms, including iOS, which is always pulling me many appreciations to my iPhone. I heard about Royal Tiles on iOS for a while now, and it was certainly a head-turner because of the unique gaming concept, which is, at least to me, a perfect game app for global users. It was really splendid experience to face challenges while fixing tiles.

10 Facts about ROYAL TILES Game Features That Will Blow Your Mind

  • Select from different emotes to play with – angry, prophet, sad, servant & more
  • Superlative 30 challenging game levels with increasing difficulties
  • You can Invite new players on the game
  • Make your own collection of the royal tiles
  • Different Game Modes – Offline Mode or Multiplayer Mode
  • Multiplayer Game Mode with 2 players, 3 players or 4 players
  • In-game tutorial to learn how to play the royal tiles puzzle
  • Good Option of Multiple languages supported – English, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Indonesian, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Russian, Deutsch
  • Buy coins from the online shop & Buy game skins from the game shop
  • You can upgrade to get more emotes in the game

For me, this Royal Tiles gaming immensely reduced my anxiety, and it highly ameliorated my skill in performing task. This game sensibly connected my family and friends. Moreover the problem solving skill was enhanced and this game is wholly exciting too.

Ways to Play ROYAL TILES Game

  • Start the game off with all players having a 5×5 player board.
  • You can see Players collect tiles by taking all the rules of one color from a repository, or from the center of the table, and placing them in a row, taking turns until all the tiles for that round are taken
  • Meanwhile at that point, one tile from every filled row moves over to each player’s 5×5 board, while the rest of the tiles in the filled row are discarded
  • It is seen each tile score is based on where it is placed in relation to the other tiles on the board
  • The Game round continues until at least one player has made a row of tiles all the way across their 5×5 board
  • It is enumerated Additional Points are awarded at the end of the game for each complete row or column, and for each instance of all five tile of the same colour being collected

Method to Get Rewards with Referrals

  • Like to Get an Avatar then refer 1 friend
  • Wish to Get new tile skin set then refer 3 friends
  • Wish to Get rewarded with lucrative and special emoticons then refer 5 friends
  • By referring 10 friends you will be rewarded with you are going to unlock some unknown features of the game

Procedures to Score Points in Royal Tiles Game

More precisely the Points are scored horizontally and vertically for rows of the same color tiles. Each round ends once all the tiles from the factory have been taken. In addition the “factories” are filled randomly each round so you can end up with a good score, minimal score, no score or a negative score in a round depending on what comes up in the “factories” and what color you require.

When you take your color from a factory, any other color tiles get moved to the middle. You cannot score points on incomplete rows. If no one takes from the center pile, often the last player ends up having to take tiles from that collection.

This could often mean a negative score if there are too many of the same color in the center. Moreover your score is worked out on the columns and rows you have filled with extra points for columns or rows of the same color.

Finally, if you are searching for distinctive and unique gaming features, you will love what Royal Tiles game has to offer.


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