Five Ways Web Apps Can Improve Your Business.

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Web Apps

We understand that Progressive web apps more successfully assist businesses to greatly increase conversions, incline page visits, and session length. The Progressive web apps are primarily websites that look and feel like an app. This eventually means users can access all details and capabilities without downloading a mobile app.


It is a real estate firm that assists users to buy and selling homes. The firm found that most users accessed its website through mobile. This generally led them to focus on building a faster, reliable, and more engaging mobile experience.

Using Settled’s Progressive Web App successfully increased conversions and mobile transactions by offering users a simple to use, fast, and hassle-free mobile web experience. Some of the key results are a 23% increase in conversions, an 8% increase in mobile transactions, a 13% decrease in bounce rates, and a 14% decrease in total cost per conversion.

Pure Formulas

Pure Formulas is a popular leading online health and supplement company based in the U.S. They are first in their industry to qualitatively implement a Progressive Web App, Pure Formulas required to ameliorate its cart abandonment rates and conversions. The problem found was because of slow loading pages and some painful checkout processes.

The progressive web app adeptly worked wonders. The engaging app-like experience developed a simple path to purchase for mobile users, and brought in the best results. Some of those results are a 14% increase in conversions, a 9% increase in Average Order Value (AOV), and a 23% increase in revenue per visit.


They are India’s leading online travel firm. The firm decided to invest in a Progressive Web App to professionally deliver a fast and engaging mobile web experience for its users. Primarily, before the Progressive Web App, they faced high drop-off rates and customer acquisition costs. The Progressive Web App qualitatively brought the ease of web and a native app experience to users’ mobile browsers, greatly increasing the firm’s conversion rates and page load times and ameliorating the overall user experience. Some of the benefits from the progressive web app were 3 x increases in conversion rates, 38% increase in page load times, and 160% increase in user sessions.

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