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Apps are an important part of our digital lives. They are used for various purposes like entertainment, education, shopping and so on. The recent advancement in technology has made it possible to develop apps at a faster rate. Earlier, developing an app could take months or even years but with the help of AI and machine learning, developers can now create an app within a few hours.

Different Types of Apps for Different Situations

There are many different types of apps that people can use for different situations. For example, there are apps for productivity, health, and communication. There are also apps that are designed to help people with mental health issues.

Different Types of Apps:

– Productivity Apps

– Health Apps        

– Communication Apps

– Mental Health Apps

With Sugarless, you grow a beautiful garden by becoming sugar-free. Make use of psychotherapy principles and let us guide you on a step-by-step journey to liberate yourself from sugar.

Research shows that sugar can make you sick, wreck your smile and make you feel miserable too. Sugarless helps you start a healthier and happier life today.

Sugarless Quit


Pick from different strategies to stick to, from just eliminating added sugar to staying full keto.


Grow a garden that flourishes when you meet your goals and withers when you don’t.


Get daily tips, motivational messages, and research facts to help you stay sugar-free.


Be reminded daily to log your progress. See your streak and percentage of successful days.


Our premium Journey makes your sugar-free lifestyle even easier and longer-lasting.

Based on the cognitive-behavioural therapy principles, it will gradually guide you through 20 steps, exploring your motivations, triggers, cravings, and reactions.

At the end of the Journey, you will have a much better understanding of why you crave sugar, as well as develop specific habits to resolve the cravings and make yourself feel better.

Hi! We are Viktor and Michal. We used to devour cakes and chocolate bars like a swarm of locusts, and unfortunately, we still sometimes do. Being software engineers and a psychologist, we decided to create an app to help people just like us.

But we didn’t want it to be just another habit tracker. That’s why we built Sugarless to leverage psychological knowledge on habit change and therapeutic approaches to addiction. We believe that whether you use the free version or start the premium Journey, we can help you to deal with this unhealthy habit.

Take Away

Habits are important because they have the power to shape our lives. If you want to change your life for the better, you need to be aware of what habits are holding you back and how to break them. Thus Sugarless is designed with the best intention to break out the unhealthy routines and switch over to the healthy mode.


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