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ChotaStream Short films, like life, are a journey lived in moments. Our collection includes short films that depict emotions trapped in various life moments. Short films that have captivated audiences worldwide find their way to our curated collections.

You can now watch those heartwarming stories on Android TV, mobile devices, and tablets. ChotaStream’s support for 84+ languages makes navigation simple and opens the door to beautiful short films created by filmmakers worldwide in various languages.

Every month, they add new short films to our collection. We ensure you never run out of Short Films to watch with our curated collection and streams. Streams are near-real-time movie collections that do not use web mining. Instead, that film is added to the stream when audiences, critics, and editors from all over the world are watching, discussing, or looking for a specific short film. Streams are further subdivided into categories, as are regional short films.


ChotaStream has a free version where you can watch a limited number of Short Films. However, if you want to experience the authentic flavour of Short Films, you can sign up for our monthly subscription, secured through Google Play. Under the Subscription section of your Play Store account, you can always view the status of your subscription, purchase, cancellation, and refund.

It adeptly supports over 84 languages, making navigation and movie selection simple. Beautiful short films created by filmmakers all over the world in a variety of languages. Every month, new films are added to the Short Films collection. The films are carefully selected based on viewer feedback.

What is new?

  • Available on TV, mobile devices, and tablets
  • Movies and Streaming in 84+ Languages
  • One subscription unlimited screens and devices
  • Free and Paid movies

Final Thoughts

We trust that the developer did a splendid job with ChotaStream – Short Film for the successful release on the Play Store.

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