Bul Framework – Are you ready to take your respective product into the world?

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Build Up Labs (BUL), founded in 2014 in sunny Lisbon, is a Start-up Studio that ideates, builds, and grows several start-ups in parallel using a lean process. By launching new businesses, we generate and validate digital product ideas. They professionally launched Startup Incubator in 2020, providing mentorship, networking, networking opportunities, and a like-minded community to early-stage start-ups.

How Does It Work?

Receive the all-in-one free Miro framework and proceed with the steps below. We also have a comprehensive guidebook to help you go through each business idea process.

Define Your Distinctive Value Propositions

Generate ideas with your team about the value propositions for your product and select the best ones to test with real users.

Create Market Segments

Create a list of potential market segments for your product and decide which ones to test.

Bring It All Together

Integrate each market segment’s distinct value proposition. Experiment with each combination and keep track of the results.

Decide and Measure

Discover and prioritize the best matches between unique value propositions and market segments.

Test Your Business Concept

You can validate if there is interest and intention to buy your product cheaply before wasting time and money on building it.

Discover Your Specialization

Are you ready to take your respective product into the world?

The BUL framework assists you in determining the best niche for your go-to-market strategy. You’ll also better understand potential acquisition channels and their associated costs.

Increase Product-Market Fit

Even though individuals already have a product and customers, this framework will help you tweak and perfect your narrative to achieve or continue to grow beyond Product-Market Fit. Validate your revenue and scalability potential before allocating your energy and resources.

Final Thoughts

Are you tired of squandering time on ineffective business concepts? This web app BUL will assist you in developing the best strategy for business validation and can be applied to any type of start-up, B2C or B2B.

Web App: Bul Frame Work

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