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What is a Bike App?

Bike apps have become a necessity for biking. They provide the necessary information to make their ride safer and more enjoyable. Many different types of bike apps can be used, but they all provide the same basic information such as route planning, bike data, and safety features.I have tried so many apps and finally ended up with Cyclope which is my favourite app to have a better biking experience.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Bike App

Cyclope is an excellent way to keep track of your progress, find new routes, and stay motivated. Here are five reasons why you should use a bike app.

1. You can keep track of how far you’ve ridden and how many calories you’ve burned

2. It helps you find new routes and discover new places

3. It provides live tracking that helps people feel more secure while biking

4. It can help improve your cycling skills by providing tips and advice on how to be a better cyclist

5. It offers rewards for completing challenges

Get to know about Cyclope – route planning bike

Cyclope is the most complete bike application that makes your bike connected, giving you the maximum information for your passion for cycling.

GPS navigation system. Create your route planning directly on your smartphone. Cyclope calculates the route planning based on the type of road you choose (Cycle paths, or any type of road). Display the route planning directly on the 3D map.
You will know the position, during your bike trips, of the cyclists around you on a 3-dimensional map. You will view the routes according to their difficulty (green 0-4%, blue 4-9%, red 9%, and +).

If you select a cyclist on the map, Cyclope will show you the time difference between you. You will also know its speed, the distance it has travelled, and the slope.
If he’s a friend of yours, you’ll want to know more about his fitness. No problem, do as the cycling pros do with their headset. Talk to them.

Cyclope incorporates a walkie-talkie which allows live communication by voice with other cyclists. To do this, simply select a channel on which cyclists can communicate. Of course, you can deactivate the microphone and activate it when you have something to say.

There is also messaging built into the Cyclope cycling app. For example, you can indicate to the whole group a change in the bike route if everyone does not follow or simply prepare an outing. Know who is coming and where to go.

A button (the one with the key of 12) allows you to quickly send a message to your friends who accompany you that you have a problem.

Weather information will be given to you with temperature, humidity percentage, wind speed and direction, and the weather forecast for the day (just select the weather dial for this).

Recording of your performances with visualization of the profile and the map.

Relive your bike ride with a 3D video of the stage.

Share your performance on social networks.

Competition: Compete in the World Cycling Championship.

Each week, try to win the Yellow Jersey, the Green Jersey, or White Jersey with red dots.
Green Jersey will reward the best rider.
White Jersey with red polka dots is the best climber.
Yellow Jersey will accumulate the points of the classification of the Green and White Jersey with red dots and will reward the most complete cyclist.
The rider will then be able to wear one of the distinctive jerseys throughout the week on the Cyclope cycling app.

Depending on your ranking, you will be awarded points for the World Cycling Championship.
At the end of each month, the best will win the World Champion jersey.
He will then be able to wear the distinctive jersey for the next month on Cyclope.

Bike tracking function: If one of your friends is connected, you will be able to follow their progress and those around them throughout their bike journey (in the friend’s panel by pressing the green TRACKING button).

Auto Pause: The stopwatch stops when you stop cycling. By pressing the stopwatch, you will have the time.

Fall detector that notifies your friends by messaging.

Compass. Useful for comparing your direction and the wind direction.

Customizable horn, ranging from a classic bell to a locomotive sound.

Battery optimization: Consider disabling your wi-fi and other background apps.

Classic functions: speedometer, distance travelled, total distance, distance travelled in the year, average speed, max speed, stopwatch, clock (by pressing the stopwatch).

Advanced functions: Altimeter (accuracy to the nearest meter), positive and negative altitude difference, maximum altitude, inclinometer, the average slope of the course, compass.

Take Away

Biking is a great way to get around and it’s healthy for both your body and the environment. We recommend you use Cyclope to find an affordable bike app that fits your needs.

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