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Homework Solver helps to solve math problems for you. Essentially, take a math problem picture, and Homework Solver will display the solution on your screen. Our math solver can handle algebra, geometry, statistics, calculus, derivates, and other topics.

It can acknowledge both handwritten and word problems. You can boost your math skills by learning quickly and easily with step-by-step explanations of math answers.

Homework Solver is a pocket-sized math homework solver. You can complete homework faster, study for tests more efficiently and successfully and achieve higher grades.

Do you require additional assistance with your algebra questions?

Homework Solver has your back and the solutions to those perplexing equations. You can take a picture of the question, and it will respond in a flash.

Key Features of Homework Solver App – Math

  • Recognizing Word Problems
  • Detailed explanations for each solution
  • Several equation-solving methods
  • Scientific calculator with multiple functions

Math Topics

  • Basic math and pre-algebra cover all arithmetic, fractions, integers, decimal numbers, powers, roots, factors, and long division.
  • Statistics: Descriptive statistics and inferences, as well as combinations and factorials
  • Linear equations, quadratic equations, inequalities, functions, graphing, polynomials, systems of equations, and matrices are all part of algebra.
  • Mathematics
  • Vectors, logarithmic functions, identities, conic sections, sequences, and series in trigonometry and pre-calculus
  • Limits, integrals, curves, and derivates are all examples of calculus (Calc).

The grammar checker function makes it simple to check your grammar. Take a picture of your writing, and the app will instantly check and suggest grammar edits to ensure it is flawless. The grammar checker will correct your punctuation and spelling and suggest words. The grammar checker claims to support over 15 languages, so you can also ensure that your writing is correct for foreign language studies.

Final Thoughts

Homework Solver is your excellent lesson companion for solving math problems, studying foreign languages, and checking grammar. Snap photographs of complex math problems or write paragraphs to get incredibly quick solutions and answers.


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