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Whatscan is all you need to manage your WhatsApp

Whatscan has been a lifesaver for me. I have always hated the way WhatsApp looks and feels. So when I came across this app, I was super excited to test it out. It’s such a great interface that is easy to use, which is what I need at this point in my life. If you’re looking for something simple but powerful, Whatscan might be just what you’re looking for.

I am a big fan of Whatscan. I started using it when it first launched and never looked back. The feature that I love the most is the ability to scan documents and export the document as an image without having to sync your phone’s camera roll. The interface of this app is very user-friendly and easy to use for anyone, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned user

Whatscan is an apt toolkit for WA. Whatscan is a complete toolkit for WhatsApp that brings you all the incredible features needed from a single app.

From Status Saver for WA and WhatsApp Web Scanner to some advanced features like Whats Bulk Sender, Auto replay, Schdual WA messages, WhatsDeleted – which shows deleted WhatsApp messages and media, and Direct Chat, Whatscan is the perfect compliment for people’s pet social media platforms!

Bulk Message Sender
– Bulk messaging can help businesses and users who want to send an important message to their contacts by reducing the time. Send single or multiple customizable messages to your customers.

– Bulk message sender feature in Whatscan, you can send messages to your contacts in bulk. It can help businesses and individuals save much time.

Chat Locker – ‘WhatsApp Chat Locker’, which avails you of selective privacy. You can lock specific chats in your WhatsApp chat list.

Auto Reply – This bot automatically responds to custom-received WhatsApp or WA Business messages. You have a lot of settings to customize each auto reply for your needs.

Sticker and sticker maker – Create your own WhatsApp stickers using our sticker maker for WhatsApp with decorations, emojis, text effects, and more. Save picture stickers from your WhatsApp chats.

Whats Scheduler
– Automate Whatsapp messages here with planning.

– Auto send messages with images, connect your chats to your Google Sheets or cloud, Monitor chat groups for topics and follow specific friends, and turn notifications into tasks, notes, and reminders.

Emoticon – Feature to express your emotions to your friends

WhatsDeleted – View deleted WhatsApp messages and Images when the sender deletes them for everyone.

Whats Web – Scan a QR Code of WhatsApp Web inside the app to enjoy WA web services.

Direct Chat – Start a conversation or message to the unsaved numbers on WhatsApp.

Status Saver for WhatsApp Video/Images – Easily download WhatsApp status images or videos with Whatscan.

Text To Emoji Converter – Easily convert any written word or text to emojis.

Shake To Open WhatsApp – A quick shortcut to land you on WhatsApp’s home screen from anywhere on the phone

Walk & Chat – A fantastic feature that leverages the phone’s camera to make WhatsApp chat background transparent with less opacity.

Fake Chat, Story & Call – A fun tool to create a fake WhatsApp conversation, status, or call.

Text Repeater – Repeat any text up to 10,000 times with this feature.

ASCII Text Art Generator for WhatsApp – It offers a plethora of ASCII ¯\\\_(ツ)\_/¯ faces in Happy, Angry, and other categories

Language Support – Support for हिंदी(hi), ગુજરાતી(gu), తెలుగు(te), Española(es), português(pt), français(fr), বাংলা(bn), मराठी(mr), Türk(tr) and Deutsche(de) languages.

These features we offer in a single app – “Whatscan:– Toolkit for WhatsApp.” So, do you want to enjoy this application having various unique features? Download it and have fun.

Take Away

Whatscan is a complete toolkit for WhatsApp that brings you all the incredible features needed from a single app.

Whatscan is an all-inclusive WhatsApp app that provides you with the features like Bulk Message Sender, Chat Locker, Auto Reply, Sticker and sticker maker, and Whats Scheduler. These features work in sync and provide you with a highly personalized experience.

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