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Better HR

Industries are constantly evolving. Workforce requirements are continually changing. Employee interaction changes over time. Why should your human resources department remain the same? Better HR, the app that takes HR management into the future, is now available. Take care of your employees and evolve alongside them as your company grows.

Better HR cloud software will alleviate all HR, administration, and payroll burdens immediately. The payroll system will calculate and provide detailed salary pay sheets automatically.

Essential Features of Better HR


Better HR real-time analytics can help you make better decisions. Better HR HRIS Software provides an employee attendance summary, overtime calculations, employee retention rate, work anniversaries, birthdays, and more. All necessary information is available in a single window.


The Better HR attendance feature allows you to analyze employees’ real-time attendance status. Filters will save you time when looking for a specific employee’s workflow. Filters for location, department, days, week, and month will assist you in conducting a thorough search.


Better HR HRIS software simplifies leave management. You can easily view each employee’s leave history in your company. It is adaptable to any country’s labour laws and regulations with minor policy changes.


You can easily manage your employees’ individual profiles with Better HR Cloud software. You can easily update your employees’ filled details with an Excel sheet format. With modern HRIS Software, you can manage ID, Email, Position, Line In-Charge, and other information in less than a minute.


Preserve and track asset records on the Better HR HRMS dashboard. Using all-in-one Better HR HCM Software, you can easily track your organization’s PCs, Cameras, Phones, and other devices using custom tags.


Better HR is the top online payroll software for small, medium, and large businesses. Our customer service team will assist you in quickly setting up payroll software, automatically calculating past and present salaries, income tax, and deductions in detail with net pay.


Maintain your organization’s critical communications secure with the Chat feature; no third-party app is required. Using Better HR HRIS software and HRIS App, you can securely share text, emojis, voice messages, links, photos, videos, and file attachments.

Learning Center

With the Better HR Learning Center feature, you can teach your employees new skills. Employers can upload documents to Cloud HR Software, after which employees can review the materials using the Better HR app. With Better HR HCM Software, employers can always track the learning process.

Final Words

Better HR is cost-effective and makes workforce management easier. By digitizing the HR process with Better HR, we save time and make our performance more productive.

Web App: Better HR

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