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Meditation is a form of mindfulness that helps you to focus on your breathing and to train your mind to be more aware. It is believed that meditation can help people with anxiety, depression, and mood swings.

Some of the benefits of meditation are:

– Helps you to manage stress levels

– Improves mental clarity and creativity

– Promotes emotional stability

– Reduces symptoms of chronic pain

– Increases immune system functioning

Finding a good tutor for yoga and meditation is a tedious task. Because we don’t have guided classes for our disorder. Thus this – India’s leading Mindfulness App was quite helpful for me to continue my meditation easily by sitting at home.

What is – India’s leading Mindfulness App?

Our powerful meditation & mindfulness techniques are created to help you change the way you think, and change the way you live. Start your journey of transformation with our daily affirmation journey, a rich library of goal-based guided meditations and courses, yoga, mini-breaks, a guided emotional journal, and our special section for kids filled with mindfulness, fitness, and fun.


Free Daily Affirmation Journey by BK Shivani

Guided Meditations: a library of best-guided meditations for a positive mental attitude, personal growth, self-healing, inner peace, calm, better sleep, and more

Quick Meditations: to help you calm the mind and relax in the middle of a busy day

TRM For Kids: a special section with meditations, sleep stories, yoga, and activities created for children.

Mini Breaks: curated tips and techniques to reassess and relax

Morning Zen: bite-sized sessions by noted specialists to help you to think positively and be positive throughout the day

Mindfulness Journal: guided emotional journal to help you keep track of your thoughts and emotions

Yoga For Mind: exclusive yoga flows by renowned mentors to guide you on your path of better mental health and emotional wellness

Music to help you relax, focus & reduce stress

Meditation and mindfulness courses

Meditation timer & chant counter


Anchored by renowned mentor and meditation master BK Shivani, our exclusive Daily Affirmation Journey will help you to:

Kickstart your day with a powerful 5-minute affirmation

Schedule gentle reminders throughout the day to help you be aligned with the day’s affirmation

Reflect on the day with a guided evening reflection


Help you release stress

Develop a positive mental attitude

Remove confusion and much more

Overcome day-to-day situations and much more


Easy meditations: Guiding kids to walk through the process of life

Fitness & fun: Activities to develop flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness

Sleep stories: To help kids relax and improve their imagination.


Reassess and improve your mental and physical health with TRM Mini Breaks:

Mindful tips that you can plug in to unclench the mental and emotional stress

Quick techniques to help you relax and loosen up the muscle tension and much more


These curated courses help you grow as an individual. Popular topics include:

Basics of meditation

Financial Freedom

Visualization & Manifestation

Chakra Healing and more


Exclusive guided meditations by globally acclaimed masters to:

Improve focus & concentration

Create happiness & beautiful relationships

Relieve stress

Overcome overthinking

Sleep well

Self-healing and much more


Easy-to-use guided mindfulness journal that helps you let go of negative thought patterns and strengthen the positive ones

Keep track of your daily lifestyle

Record your feelings and become aware of your internal thought patterns


Yoga techniques and asanas that help you stay calm and help in the relaxation of your body and mind

Solution-focused flows for a modern lifestyle

Easy-to-follow yoga routines


Bite-sized sessions to start your mornings on a happy & positive note

New content is released daily


Personalized meditation goals & notification preference

Ambient music, 3D sounds, Healing frequencies, and much more

Timer and chant counter to organize your meditation practices where we also integrate with the health app to read and track your meditation minutes to guide you better

Daily inspirational quotes and articles

I have been learning how to meditate for a few months now and think I’m making some good progress. I hadn’t done much research on meditation and it was hard to find an app that didn’t feel overwhelming. When I found Meditate Daily, it offered a similar simplicity and ease of use as the other apps I had tried but also featured guided meditations. It’s been such a great app as it offers a great variety of meditations and is also very easy to use.


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