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Technology has fundamentally altered how people spend their free time. It has provided us with unprecedented access to people and information. They have never been more linked.

Yet still, there has never been a more lonely time. Mental health problems, addictions, and chronic diseases are on the rise. In contrast to their forefathers, people spend most days inactive and seated in offices.

Iotis Utilize Technology to Its Full Potential

Attempting to capture these fundamental trends in our lives, Iotis believe that technology is both the problem and the respective solution. Using technology to make the sport more enjoyable, accessible, and entertaining motivates millions of people to live a more active and healthy lifestyle.

Various Backgrounds          

People value diverse perspectives, values, and backgrounds. Ideas and creations can only happen with a truly diverse team.

Office First, Remote Second

Yes, it’s impolite, but we still believe that coffee breaks and after-work beers foster great ideas, friendships, and crazy company culture. If you cannot relocate to one of the offices, Iotis will gladly greet you from wherever you are.

Sports and IoT

Iotis technology allows extracting and linking a large amount of data. Iotis use algorithms to transform this data into exercises and workouts that provide relevant, objective visual and audio feedback in real-time via a software platform with gaming DNA.

Iotis learned a lot from international sports business leaders at Sports Innovation 2022. Iotis could also network and meet potential partners and investors. The event was supplemented by a first-rate conference format that showcased the most recent sports tech trends in data collection, processing, and visualization.

START Global Conference in St. Gallen

In St. Gallen, Europe’s leading student-run conference for entrepreneurship and technology took place, actively promoting innovation by bringing together over 3500 startups, investors, companies, and young talents. The organizers delivered the most important information on innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology. The Summit was held in a hybrid format for the first time in 25 years.

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