saasguru is the best place to learn and grow as a Cloud professional

If you’re thinking about getting certified, then we have a great library of courses that will help you on your journey!

saasguru is a global organization that is passionate about helping people transform their lives. They believe that the world can be a better place when everyone has the skills to succeed in life.

saasguru offers its own cloud certification program and also provides training for other certifications like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Salesforce, and more. Their goal is to help individuals gain knowledge of cloud computing and make them employable in this space.

saasguru has helped thousands of professionals become certified by providing them with high-quality training and certification programs. They have helped professionals grow professionally by empowering them with skillsets that are in demand today

saasguru’s online certification program is the most trusted by professionals. Get certified in the cloud and start your career on the right foot.

saasguru and its working
Hello and welcome, this is your personalized guide to getting certified. You can do it in as little as two weeks! we have great salesforce, service-now, & AWS certifications in our library try downloading the saasguru app to explore them today!

Ready to learn more about upskilling and innovation in the cloud? Check out our training programs and free live webinars. We have helped thousands of people grow their careers and become better versions of themselves by empowering & transforming businesses around the world. Enrol in our classes today – we’re a fast, convenient institution and have the skills to land you a job!

Explore Our Program:

1. Salesforce Certification Courses

saasguru learning app offers prep courses for all the major Salesforce certifications such as Salesforce Admin, Platform Developer, App Builder, Sales/Service/Experience Cloud Consultant etc. to help you seamlessly prepare for them and crack the certification exams in your first attempt. Learn how to do clever work with the help of our AI-based assessment and recommendation engine and revise the topics with the help of our bite-sized content ‘Flashcards’ and gamified learning options.

2. ServiceNow Certification Courses

Get job ready with the ServiceNow certification courses and get first-hand knowledge of how ServiceNow software works in a real-world scenario. Practise your knowledge with ServiceNow Mock Exams and revise your ServiceNow learning with the help of Flashcards and micro topic modules.

3. AWS Certification Courses

Get intense cert preparation for the AWS certifications such as AWS Cloud Practitioner, Solution Architect Associate etc. with hands-on exercises that are completely aligned with practical industry applications. Work on multiple case studies and projects, and make AWS learning more real-world-oriented.

Our Specialties

1. Salesforce Job guarantee Bootcamp

The Salesforce Job Guarantee Bootcamp offers comprehensive knowledge on how to enter the Salesforce ecosystem. Get the best and the most extensive certification preparation with guaranteed job assistance.

Associate with more than 100 internationally recognized industry professionals and gain access to saasguru’s 30+ employer partners across the globe. Learn how to stand out in a job interview, build a captivating LinkedIn profile and get the opportunity to be placed with an average salary of up to 8 LPA.

Key features:
● World-class LMS and Live Classes
● 24×7 customer support
● saasguru Slack Community Access
● 1:1 Mentoring
● LinkedIn Profile Building
● Resume Building
● Mock Interviews
● Access to 30+ Employer Partners
Training includes:
● Capstone Project
● Salesforce Lab
● Jira & Confluence
● Personal Branding, Soft Skills & more.

2. Instructor-led training

Go beyond certification and get practical experience for the Salesforce Platform Developer 1 and AWS Cloud Practitioner certifications with an Instructor-led Training program.

Key Features

● Post-session support from mentors
● Build your own showcase Capstone Projects
● Salesforce Lab training
● Learn tools such as Jira, Confluence & many more

3. B2B Upskilling

Reduce the time and expense required to train and certify your workforce for the cloud by up to 70%. Enrol in our B2B Upskilling course and upskill and certify your teams.

Key Features

● Custom Programs
● Real-time dashboards
● Instructor-led sessions
● Mentoring
● Practice & Mock tests

Take Away

 I would highly recommend saasguru to anyone looking for a career change. The instructors are the most knowledgeable people I have ever met and they will teach you everything you need to know. They also have a great facility, with all the latest technology and equipment that you could think of. I’m so glad I enrolled in their programs!


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