FUNCTION12 – Design-to-code Automation Tool

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FUNCTION12 is a design-to-code automation tool for professionals such as software developers, startups, and project managers that automate code generation from design project import.

Key Advantages:

  • Significant time savings in front-end and overall product development
  • Improved product quality as a result of automated developer-level codes
  • Increased developer productivity due to less hand-coding repetition

What exactly is FUNCTION12?

FUNCTION12 is a design-to-code tool for front-end developers that allow them to spend less time on repetitive hand-coding and increase their development productivity. When you primarily import a design file into FUNCTION12, the design components and elements are automatically identified and analyzed. Codes are updated in real-time with each canvas edit, and previews in multiple resolutions are offered.

Salient Features of FUNCTION12                              

  • High synchronization for a design rendering
  • Real-time code update
  • Preview multiple resolutions
  • Layout detected automatically
  • Components imported and identified from the designs
  • Dock UI for a more customized work environment
  • Production time was drastically reduced.
  • The fastest export speed for the entire project in the chosen framework
  • The quickest loading speed
  • All designs are automatically detected and analyzed.

FUNCTION12 offers a free starter plan. The free plan includes a project with code translation and load preview. All free plan features are included in the starter plan, including unlimited projects, code copy, source export, and asset file export. It makes it possible to visually create application interfaces that would take time to be coded.

Application Development Features

  • Web Development
  • Testing Management
  • Software Development
  • Debugging
  • Collaboration
  • Code Assistance
  • Version Control
  • Graphical User Interface
  • Mobile Development
  • Access Control

Final Thoughts

FUNCTION12 is committed to shaping a developer-friendly environment by offering a design-to-code SaaS that automates the process. With FUNCTION12, users can quickly and easily sync design sources and convert them to code. Not to mention, technology will aid in improving productivity. Upgrade your coding experience right now and begin focusing on priorities.

Web App: Function12

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