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Draw your story, and animate it with Kuroga!

Kuroga is an easy and free GIF maker that allows users to create animations by drawing. It provides users with a canvas where they can draw whatever they want and turn it into a GIF animation. The tool also offers a Pixel Studio feature which allows users to draw pixel art with ease. With Kuroga, anyone can create beautiful and unique animated GIFs without any prior experience or knowledge in animation or design. Whether you are creating GIFs for personal use or for professional projects, Kuroga makes it easy to bring your ideas to life with its intuitive interface and wide range of features. Let’s explore how Kuroga can help you make amazing animations.

Kuroga is an easy and free GIF maker that allows users to create animations by drawing.
It provides:
Free canvas & Pixel square.
Free canvas allows users to sketch on canvas freely and Pixel square is composed of little squares so that users just need to fill the pixels to make images.
Pixel square is more friendly for newbies.


Canvas Settings: Choose stroke width and background color for your drawing and set a proper frame rate for your animation.

Post your creation: Post your creative GIF animation so that everyone on Kuroga can see it.

Comments & Likes: Comments and give likes for your favorite GIF created by Kuroga members.

Share with your friends: Don’t forget to share your GIF with your friends.

Themes: (Topics:)Write anything you’d think or feedback that everyone will read and be enlightened

Enjoy your avatars: Choose an image as your avatar and enjoy it!


I recently discovered Kuroga and it has been a game-changer for me. The free canvas & pixel square feature makes it so easy to create animations without having to use complicated software. It’s also totally free, which is an added bonus! I highly recommend Kuroga to anyone looking for a quick and easy way to make GIFs.

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