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Are you fed up with customer walkaways and long, chaotic lines at your establishment? Bepro can assist you in streamlining the process and making it more efficient for you and your customers. Customers can join a virtual queue or book an appointment online using Bepro, and businesses can track customers in the queue. Bepro enables your customers to wait virtually anywhere. It is a cloud-based platform for reducing customer walkaways and managing queues and bookings.

What Is Bepro?         

They are virtual queue and booking automation. It decreases customer walkaways, increases customer satisfaction, and increases the scalability of your business’s services.

Top Features of Bepro

  • Booking Notes
  • CRM
  • Group Reservations
  • Room Booking
  • Activities Booking
  • Customer Support
  • Promotions Management
  • Rate Management
  • Third-Party Booking

Why Does Your Company Need Bepro?

Bepro simplifies bookings, reduces wait times, and enhances the patient experience, thus becoming a vital solution for any business looking to improve convenience and efficiency.

Reduce Wait Times

  • Instead of waiting in line, give your customers some control over their day.
  • Real-time guest updates and notifications
  • Controlling the queue and booking days
  • Intelligent capacity queuing
  • Save your customers from having to wait.

Key Aspects of Bepro

Customer Satisfaction Has Increased

  • Allow patients to join and maintain their position in the queue from their phones; no more standing in line!

Reduce Customer Walkaways

  • Maintain customer queues while incentivizing new customers to join.

Customizable Notifications

  • To reduce no-shows, send out automated SMS or email reminders.

User-Friendly Dashboard

  • With a simple dashboard, you can keep track of your company’s bookings and queue in real time.

Data Security Management

  • You can keep your customers’ data safe and secure with an encrypted database.

Automated Reservations

  • You can easily manage appointment bookings, cancellations, and reschedules with a few clicks.


  • What is Bepro generally used for? – Queue and Booking management
  • Who are the main user groups of Bepro? – Service-based brick-and-mortar businesses
  • What are some applications Bepro is commonly used in tandem with? – Stripe for pre-payments and deposits.
  • What platforms does Bepro support? – iOS, Android, Web. Your customers don’t download or sign up for anything

Final Words

Bepro users are more likely to: reduce the likelihood of customer walkaways dramatically. They can increase the number of high-quality customers and primarily increase the scalability of your business operations.

Web App: Beproio

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