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Get Rewarded for Going the Extra Mile

Travel smarter and get rewarded with Miles! With Miles, you can get rewarded for taking more sustainable modes of transportation like walking, biking, and public transit. Download Miles today to start saving money and helping the planet!

  • Miles is a universal rewards app that gives anyone the ability to earn miles automatically for all modes of transportation.
  • The Miles app goes beyond airline miles, credit card points, or regular reward programs.
  •  Rewards you with miles, our version of points, for any way you get from point A to point B. Whether you drive, walk, bike, or ride the train, we’ll reward you miles for each mile traveled.
  • For greener forms of travel, you will be rewarded even further. If you carpool or take a rideshare service (i.e. Lyft or Uber), you earn 2x miles.
  • Users who ride the train or public transit receive 3x the miles.
  • Ride a bike and receive 5x miles or choose to walk or run and earn 10x miles.

Travel Smarter and Get Rewarded    

You have the flexibility to redeem the miles you’ve earned for exclusive rewards, gift cards, top deals, credit, discounts, and savings from amazing brands such as HP, Garmin, Pandora, Chewy, Home Chef, Buffalo Wild Wings, Wayfair, Sam’s Club,, and many more. Get rewarded with the best deals and savings from our popular brand partners that can’t be found anywhere else.

Additionally, your miles can be used to enter gift cards and product raffles from exciting brands, or you can donate them to charities to help feed the hungry, contribute to cancer foundations, and more.

They’ve created a frequent flyer program for all transportation encompassing your daily commute and travel. Miles delivers value and savings for every mile traveled, across every mode of travel, anywhere in the world. Whether by car (as a driver, passenger, or rideshare), plane, train, subway, bus, boat, bicycle, or by walking, the Miles app effortlessly rewards users’ travel – regardless of where their journey takes them. Automatically track your mileage without needing to log any trips.

Here’s how it works:

  • Sign up:
  • Download the app and register. For best results, turn on Location Services and set to Always.
  • Start earning miles automatically:
  • Once registered, you do not need to do anything else. You will now start earning miles for every trip (from point A to B) you take.
  • You are not required to log your trips, nor open the app before, during or after the trip. Earning miles is truly automatic and free!

Ways to earn bonus miles:

  • There are plenty of ways to earn bonus miles in the app!
  • 2x miles for carpooling
  • 3x miles for using transits – train, bus, boat/ferry
  • Tier upgrades
  • Birthdays, Holidays, and anniversaries
  • Special promo codes

Redeem your miles for rewards, gift cards, and raffles:

The Miles app will keep track of all your miles and you can redeem exclusive rewards using those miles in the app. You can use the rewards instantly or at a later date. You will find rewards that can be used online or at a physical location from merchants using exclusive promo codes, coupon codes, links, QR codes, or barcodes across the following categories: Retail. Shopping, Dining, Groceries, Household, Health and Beauty, Electronics, Travel, Kids, Auto, Others

Take Away

Miles has been an amazing app for me! I love how it encourages me to take more sustainable modes of transportation and rewards me for it. It’s great to be able to track my progress and get rewarded for all the miles I’ve traveled. Not only that, but Miles also helps me track all my trips and rewards me with points every time I use a green mode of transport. It’s so easy to use, and it’s made every mile traveled count! Highly recommend this app if you’re looking for a way to make every mile count!


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