My Balance the Ball Game

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My Balance the Ball Game, by developer Nevester Burton, is a hyper-casual ball game that takes you on a journey through various obstacles. You’ll have to keep the ball balanced on the beam, survive a shrinking platform and falling asteroids, and make it through an asteroid field to a hilarious ending.

Features to Help You along the Way

To help you along the way, you can collect power cubes to give you more real estate and star power-ups to increase shields. You’ll also get to choose from four different jamming sound tracks and 10 different day and night backgrounds.

Plus, if you collect all seven stars, you’ll get to open up an extra bonus. The game also requires your phone or tablet to have a gyro sensor to play. The game will try to enable it for you but you may have to enable it manually from the settings menu.

Fill Up the Rocket Meter to Launch Off Into Space

Finally, you can fill up the rocket meter to launch off into space to extend your game play.

Key Characteristics of My Balance the Ball Game

  • Amazing concepts
  • Quality hyper-casual ball game
  • Simplicity and Engaging app
  • Fast loading time & Good Performance
  • Compatibility
  • Compactness  and Visually appealing
  • Simple and user friendly UI/UX
  • High quality graphics executed

How the App works:

Download and install the My Balance the Ball Game app on your smartphone or other similar devices. Now launch the app on your device and start using it. We strongly recommend it for anyone who thoroughly enjoys endless entertainment.


My Balance the Ball Game is an entertaining, hyper-casual game that takes you on an adventure through various obstacles. With its four jamming soundtracks, 10 different day and night backgrounds and the ability to launch off into space, it’s sure to keep you entertained for hours.


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