– Online Project Management Software – Online Project Management Software

Project Management has become an important aspect for businesses.  Project Managers can have a lot of work on their hands once they start with a company.  This is where Doolphy comes in, an online project manag... Read More » – Easy Way to Scan your Business Cards – Easy Way to Scan your Business Cards

Ever feel like you have too many business cards lying around.  Even if you have them organized, losing them can be devastating because the contacts are so crucial at the time.  There is a way to keep your busin... Read More » – Web Based Help Desk Software(SaaS) – Web Based Help Desk Software(SaaS)

If you’ve ever shopped online, you probably have had a delayed customer support experience.  When you have a business, these things are important because you would want to give an excellent customer support exp... Read More » – Digital Interview Platform – Digital Interview Platform

Interviewers have been going over the same routine for years.  They prepare for what seems to be an easygoing job and it actually takes more than just preparation to conduct a full interview.  Interviewers need... Read More » – Simple Payment Gateway for Business – Simple Payment Gateway for Business

Whether you’re tired of online fees or just waiting for payments to arrive, Pay Simple was built with the purpose of delivering faster payments and better service than most leading providers.  If you have clien... Read More » – Software for Lead Management – Software for Lead Management

If you want to control the way that you buy and sell for your company, B12 leads provides the best way to keep track and manage your leads.  B12 Leads is an important tool for marketers, sales manager and reps ... Read More » – Web Based Test Management Tool – Web Based Test Management Tool

If you’re looking for text management software, you’ve come to the right place.  Qmetry isn’t just any text management software, Qmetry is a flexible text management software.  When you have highly experienced ... Read More » – Agile Backlog Management WebApp – Agile Backlog Management WebApp

With all new technology, there is always something that makes work so much easier than you would expect.  With Easy Backlog, you get an effective backlog management tool that turns work into a fun and interacti... Read More »

InfoGraph about Enterprise Mobility

InfoGraph about Enterprise Mobility

An useful infograph about enterprise mobility which includes details about applications, platforms, technology and devices. Just have it on your desk to know about growth of mobility in enterprise. Read More » – HR Software System – HR Software System

Whether you are starting a business or just need some help in Human Resources for hiring, keeping and managing processes, CIPHR or Computers in Personnel-Human Resources, provides the tools you need to fill an ... Read More »

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