About Us

App Market is growing and there are more than 100 apps for single purpose. In this huge app market, it is a big challenge for the user to find the right app to cater his purpose. To make selection easy, apps4review is coming up with a recommendation engine, where the app is reviewed by the industry professionals and recommend for end users.

In apps4review, we look for Usability, Quality and Security. We believe a user friendly app is adding more value to a gadget. But developing an user friendly app is not a simple task. It needs lot of study, research & testing. So being in the design industry for past 8 years, we know every design get matured by the user feedback. And this blog is the best place to get the feedback.

If you are developer and looking forward to market your app or looking to get reviews from the power users, apps4review.com is the best place. Just submit app, get it reviewed and follow the comments from the users.

If you are end user, just spend time in reading our review and then tryout the app. And share your experience with other users. Apps4Review is the bridge between developers and end users, so your comments and feedback are reaching the right place.