Review Guidelines


Our review policy consists of 5 main elements that supports all our community members:

Empower the Users

The focus of our community’s objective are the end users. We are committed to provide resources and information that are insightful to the users to better select an app that suit their needs.

Honor the Experts

We are proudly display the reviews from our experts and acknowledge their views and knowledge.

Respect for the Developers

We understand the practicalities involved in the development of any application and hence we are committed to respect our developer community. Any degrading comments or statements shall not be entertained.

Improved Applications

With an extensive user research database, market research and meaningful comparisons, we support the developer community in developing better and improved applications.

Support for Start-Ups

We highly encourage start-ups developers to submit their apps to Apps4Review. Your apps shall get the attention of our community of expert end users and they would in turn give your app the review it needs for your future development designs.