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Advent 2013: 25 Christmas Apps   is a Christmas calendar app created by MagicSolver.  Christmas is coming. If you are wondering who is going to give you presents, wait no further. This application gives you one free application each day of the 25 days of Christmas.

The application shows you a landscape where you can move around and explore the surroundings. There are snowflakes dropping from the skies and you can see Santa Claus at the end of the picture. You will hear Christmas music each time you open the application.

1_ip5_enYou are required to play each Christmas game to win the free application in return. Each puzzle is accompanied with funky Christmas music and a timer running to calculate how much time you need to complete the game. These scores are used to tabulate your achievements board and you can share your scores to Facebook and Twitter. The graphics of each mini game also focuses on the things you use to celebrate Christmas like the gingerbread man. You can enjoy playing games of Christmas in a relaxed manner while celebrating Christmas with your friends and relatives.

One bad thing about this application is that you can only unlock the free applications each day of the Christmas. You can unlock the application straightaway. It gives you a sense of anticipation of each day of the Christmas and spreads the spirit of Christmas on your iPhone. If you also like this application, you can share this application with your friends or relatives to spread the Christmas cheer. Christmas is a time for sharing and giving and this application demonstrates just that. The app store is full of applications and games. You might want to keep this application on your iPhone as it has the best value compared to other applications especially during this Christmas season.

3_ip5_enIn my opinion, this application has polished graphics and nice sound effects. However, the application needs to be popular to gain more frequent usage. The best part of this application is that you can play 25 mini games inside the same application to gain more free applications. What can be better than a free application that gives you more free games and applications to enjoy on your iPhone. I strongly recommend everyone to get this application as it leverages on entertaining mini games to promote the free applications. It is also an innovative way to share the Christmas cheer with your friends and relatives.

Worth Having Application :  Download App for Christmas

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