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Having a joint party is no doubt great in every way; it does not pinch your pocket and at the same time offers the full course of enjoyment of dining out with friends; but splitting the bill at the end of the party might be really something that can place you under stress; and in order to overcome the hazards of splitting restaurant bills fairly within many people, an innovative app, Fair Bill Split has been introduced by Martin Guerrero. The application comes with some simple tools, and a simple front end that lets you enter the bill data easily into the application, and enables you to calculate the accurate bill per person by using easy tools within the application. The application has a smart design and gives you a really smart way to split bills.

fair1This latest app which was launched on 12th July, 2014 has quickly gathered a nice rating and great customer reviews due to its high usability and simple functionality. Some features of the application are highlighted below.


  • The Fair Bill Split application allows two main modes; the Split Bill Evenly mode and the Itemize Bill mode.
  • The Split Bill Evenly mode, as the name suggests is designed for simplicity, and it helps the user to split the entire bill evenly amongst the number of people in the dinner. The app clearly shows the tip or gratuity to be paid by every contributor and gives a detailed break up for ease of understanding.
  • The Itemize Bill option is something which offers you the best flexibility in splitting the bills. You just need to feed the bill items into the app, like the tax rate, rate of tip, number and name of contributors and others, and it will show you the accurate split amount per head. This mode enables the user to allocate each bill item to each person and calculate the tip amounts or taxes to be paid by each person separately.
  • Apart from entering the bill items manually, a receipt can also be pictured and fed to the application after converting the data with the help of Optical Character Recognition or a photo-to-text application.
  • The names of the contributors and the bill items can also be easily customized as per the requirements.
  • For ease of identification, the process of assigning particular person to a bill item uses color code. For ease of use of the color blind people, the process also uses a visual sign to signify that a particular contributor has been selected for an item or not.
  • The application is available in English; it takes only 2.6 MB space in the memory chip and requires iOS 7.1 or later to run.

fair3Summary:An excellent app Fair Bill Split has been launched to make the task of splitting restaurant bills simple. This application comes with some excellent features, offers maximum flexibility and makes an absolutely fair sharing of the bill within minutes.

Good:The application is extremely useful and is available for free. The application has also received some great reviews.

Bad:The application is capable to process a maximum of 24 people and 100 bill items at a time.

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