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Marriage is always considered a very big leap in one’s relationship. People are happy to stay girlfriend and boyfriend because the life is pretty simple and easy that way. Once you’re married, there’s always a reason to have a child. Either they’re your parents emotionally blackmailing you to complete their last wish of becoming grandparents or it’s the community of couples that encourages you from time to time that you’re mature enough for the responsibility. But raising a life is really a big weight on your shoulders. There’s a stranger living in your house who doesn’t speak your language. He does what he/she likes and you’re responsible for all the mistakes. But this is someone “special” and you’ll do whatever it takes to make him/her smile. So you’re so lost with him that your own existence becomes partially unknown. You want to get back but can’t leave the child. So what’s the solution?

bab1Well, there’s one beautiful solution and it’s called Baby’s Brilliant which is an iOS app developed by Benedict Coulter. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and requires iOS 6.0 or any later version of the OS. This app has also been optimized for iPhone 5.

Baby’s Brilliant is an audio/video store specially designed for your children. The videos have been made not only to entertain your child but to keep the education process going on at the same time. There are videos related to alphabets, numbers, animals, different languages, etc. Children are always curious about new things and when they see a monkey dancing in front of their eyes, what new can you bring on the table for them? The innocence of a child’s voice can’t be replicated by an adult and therefore these videos have been narrated by young children. You can add them to your favourites section for easy access. In the music section, there are specially recorded sounds composed for babies. These consist of Classical music, Lullabies, Popular children songs, religious songs, etc. So there’s a very wide collection which is sure to make a very happy childhood for your children.

bab2A sleeping child is surely the most innocent example on earth. But when the same child doesn’t sleep, you’re in a big trouble. Making a child sleep is surely one of the most difficult jobs in the world. But thanks to Baby’s Brilliant, now we’ve got a solution. There is a separate section of night lights which is a collection of soulful music with beautiful visuals. So just let your child watch the visuals while listening to music and check him/her after 10 minutes and you’ll find the job done. You can even create a playlist of the tracks and set them in a loop for longer play.

Overall, I think Baby’s Brilliant is the perfect app for your children. Though the app is available for free, each music/video file is available for $0.99. You can preview them on the Baby’s Brilliant website before downloading. So make sure you grab your piece of cake today from the App Store!

Pros: intuitive UI; wide variety of music/videos; narrated by children; specially composed music for children; free.

Cons: none.

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