Web PC Suite: Managing your files wirelessly from your PC

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Android has emerged as the most widely used and preferred mobile operating system due to the large variety of apps available for it. These apps help you add functionality to your device and manage it to the maximum extent. One among these essential phone management apps is Web PC Suite, developed by GeekSoft. It provides a simple and efficient way to manage all the data and files on your mobile device right from your PC browser.

wps1Using this Android app, you can connect your device to your PC wirelessly. The need for carrying a USB cable along is eliminated entirely. Once you have done this, you can take control of the file management on your phone through your PC. It is this simple functionality that makes the app extremely powerful and handy.The concept of Web PC Suite can prove to be a lifesaver at times. It is extremely useful and handy. In simpler terms, you can connect your Android device to your computer through your WiFi connection. Absolutely no wires involved whatsoever.

wps2Getting started with the app is quite simple and effortless. To boot up the app, you only have to scan a QR code on your mobile from the official website. With that, you are ready to get going with the app. The installation process could not have been simplified any further. Unlike the initial impression that the speed compromises on the functionality, the app proves otherwise. The app can be summed up in 3 words- quick, robust and efficient.

wps3The app itself is very lightweight and does not slow down your device. It makes use of the inbuilt browser in your mobile, being compatible with Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox. Using the browser, you can modify your applications, browse files on your disk, view and edit your media and a lot more. Managing files becomes a lot more convenient and quicker from the Web PC Suite.

While there are numerous other Android apps that do the same thing, this one has certain features that give it an edge over them. The app is extremely small, requiring less than @ MB memory space on your device. Considering the graphics of the app, that is really small a size for it indeed. The interface design is another positive point in the app. It has been kept minimalistic and navigation has been kept intuitive. This, combined with the high performance, makes the app function smoothly and almost perfectly. The response time is very low, making any interactions with it almost spontaneous.

This is an app that is a must have for all android mobile devices. The design is sleek, clean, bold and user- friendly. The app itself is very lightweight and highly efficient. And the concept and functions have been implemented in a simple and effective manner. All this, along with the fact that it is available for free, makes the app seem almost too incredible to be a reality. Nonetheless, it does exist and has a very handy existence too.

Good: Good design

Bad: None

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