Galaxy Fighters Age of Defeat Free: Confronting the Hostile

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It’s almost a nostalgic feeling whenever you come across an old-school styled arcade game with those electronic “boom-boom” bullet sounds and simple-but-rational gameplay. So when there’s an effort to revive that old form of gaming with a modern touch, there’s no doubt that it’s worth taking a look at. So let’s get straight into the battlefield and explore out the fatal conditions our soldiers are surviving in.


Before your hearts start pounding in anxiety, let me impede down the various thoughts in your mind. We’re not going into Iraq but it’s the latest iOS app called Galaxy Fighters Age of Defeat Free that’s into consideration. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and requires iOS 6.0 or any later version of the OS. This app has also been optimized for iPhone 5.


Well, there’d no more talking as soon as you enter the boundaries of this territory and there are literally no boundaries when you’re travelling between galaxies, are they? The name makes it very clear that you’re up against brutal forces of the other galaxies and they’re in no way subordinate to your technology or power. So what remains residual is the strategy and that’s going to win the battle for you here.

At the same time, multiple enemy planes will be standing against you with a sheer perseverance to not give up at any cost and that’s the same oath this game demands out of you. Beginning with a moderate plane and plenty of ammunition in the reserves is not a bad start at all. All you need to do is capitalize on them and make sure they run out till your enemies last. Keep shooting them while making sure you’re not open to a hidden attack on any side; just like boxing. There are provisions for upgrades at regular intervals. But what happens when you reach the gas station with empty pockets? You’re denied even a single drop of the fuel. Same can happen here as well if you fail to collect the diamonds on your journey. The more you can stuff it up in your pockets, the more currency you’ll have to cash out at the upgrade store for buying upgrades. But if you somehow miss the shots, then you have an alternate option of buying these upgrades via in-app purchases.


Though the gameplay is pretty straightforward but challenging and addictive, it’s certainly an ostentatious attempt by the developer to catch all the eye-balls around with those beautiful glossy graphics that’ll certainly compel you to put those shades on at the darkest of hours.

Epitomizing the entire review, I’d certainly recommend you all with a big “thumbs-up” to get out your iPhones from your pocket and visit the App Store right now. And you can deal with this one single-handedly as you don’t need to take out your purse off your back-pocket. This app’s available for free!

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