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Note taking is one of the daily practices like lectures, to do lists, meetings, conferences, interviews, brainstorming, quick notes and awesome Notes are important in our work, school life and daily life as it gives us the chronology of events that took place or important dates or task that should be accomplished in the future.


Luckily, with technology many technology gurus has had the chance to introduce Super Notepad app which is compatible with your phone to simplify your note taking life giving the user the chance to take notes and save the information on the desired location.


To start with the app, it’s a requirement that the user does download the Super Notepad and perform all the installation process. Super Notepad, with its simple interface you can perform your note taking exercise with ease as the app is simple to use once downloaded. The simplicity of the app extends to the main panel – this is the list location where the notes, taken are listed. To sum up the appearance of the main panel is colored by a yellow scheme. The color of the notes is useful as with their coded color you can find the notes at ease and instantly.

The Super Notepad has the feature where you can set a reminder on your future notes; hence keeping you updated and responds timely on those important notes. Just slightly above the main panel of the Super Notepad, is a file menu where a new note is created, open an existing note, save it the one working on, consequently you can come up with the best formatting style, color and front you love to make your notes nice looking.


Super Notepad functionality is amazing as it offers the best chance to take notes of your choice, saving on the best place, opening notes lastly saved, editing the saved notes, copying and pasting, adjusting the color and more so functionality provides the best price.

With Super Notepad you make notes, voice recording, and addition of photos. The recording and photos are some of the inbuilt future of Super Notepad which can be made at any time- the app gives you the chance to take notes, photos while recording, playing and pause or resume to any existing or new recording. With the notes on your iPad you can easily transfer to people or to your personal computer via email, Wi-Fi or optimize the use of dropbox.

The Super Notepad comes with coded template- this is a guide that will help in note taking process. This saves you time as you take your notes with the Super Notepad. This simplifies the all process of note taking. With g its high inbuilt templates, that is coded is good during references to some of the notes. It takes seconds to locate any important note with the use of note template fixed on the Super Notepad. Above all, the coded template comes with the feature of topic related. The template comes with the option of categorizing templates with those with related topics under one template to simplify the all process of note taking.

The Super Notepad comes with many languages where spellings are enhanced and more expectation from the best editor. The app supports iPhones, iPad and iPod; tested, certified and built to be used by all the recommended Apple methods.

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