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Fact Mountain is an innovative app designed for iPhone and ipad and I currently one of the best apps on iTunes. Fact Mountain has been gaining popularity since the day it has been introduced and has garnered some very positive reviews from the users. Fact Mountain is based on the formula of having fun and learning with it. It is very intuitive app that gives a lot of knowledge and educated about various topics. Fact Mountain’s US president is one of the best knowledgeable apps on iTunes that you should download. If you want to know about the presidential history of America then this app is must have app. This app lists all the us presidents and offer tips about them.


Every single president is listed in the app. Every information is provided about them. When did they assume the office and the date until when they were the president of United States of America? Everything is present there. This app is very innovative and the styles in which the facts and cues about us presidents are offered are the best. Actually you will be playing a game and gaining knowledge about the Presidents of America without even knowing that. It is strategy based game where you have to start at the lowest level and then reach the top of the mountain.


All the knowledge you do have about the president’s is going to be tested in this app. In this game you have to select your answer based on the auto-complete already provided to you. If you choose the correct answer you will move ahead and climb the next step on the mountain. All you have to do is to select a president and read all the clues given for him. These clues can be anything like the day he was born or the place he was born or something very important and peculiar that he did. If you guess that right you will be able to move to the next step.


Over all you will be given 50 clues starting from the simple then harder and so on. All your knowledge will be put to test in this game. There are various gaming modes available in the app depending on the flash cards that you select. You can start with the easiest one and then keep moving to the tougher ones once you get the right answers for them. This app is one of a kind that exists on iTunes and is personal favorite of many and is total fun to play this game. In many competitive examinations questions about English literature or Russian literature or the US presidents have been asked, if you use this app all these things will be at your fingertips and you are learning them without knowing so. Study is now so much fun with this app. This app has been highly applauded by the parents as it helps their kids in learning something really valuable without putting in too much effort.

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