Sheep Master- From a shepherd to the Sheep Master

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As a parent, it is essential to build a strong moral base for your child. After all, all his life decisions are taken on the basis of these values. These decisions can impact the way your child lives his life. The main issue with this is taking out time to teach your children. Making them read the bible fails in most cases as they are too restless and active. With the busy work lifestyle, taking time out to narrate stories or play games is too much of effort and requires too much time. The simplest solution to this issue is the iOS app ‘Sheep Master’.


Sheep Master is the most fun way to inculcate moral values into your child without having to give them quality personal time. You can rely on the app for this. It is a strategy game that combines the best of RPG and tower defence elements to ensure that your kid does not lose interest. While there are many other games in the market, this one is one of its kind as it focuses on Christian concepts and content. All you need is an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with iOS 6.0 or later versions.


The concept of the game is quite simple indeed. The player is a shepherd who has to abide by moral values and learn Bible lessons along the way. He has a flock of sheep to manage. He is in charge of taking care of the health of the sheep and also protecting them. He is required to build his own farm that is well equipped and maintain it. In order to face the many enemies around, he must develop his defences well. In order to lend you a helping hand, he must also hire helpers and train them well. He must buy dogs to protect his flock too.


With this background set, the fun of the game lies in exploring your flock and earning money. Saving lost sheep will earn scrolls. The shepherd must do everything he can to provide the best for his sheep and farm, while also protecting them from outside enemies. The rewards can be used to update the hero. The ultimate goal of the game is to rise from the position of a shepherd to that of a Sheep Master. There is lot of adventure to keep you engaged along the way- ranging from the process of rescuing lost sheep to facing the witch to training your troops.

Sheep Master has been designed such that people of all ages and kinds can enjoy it. It is the perfect game to play with your family, while also learning in the process. The whole game is based on the Bible, making it perfect for a Christian family. This game teaches lessons from the Bible, while also making sure that you have a lot of fun. It is a highly addictive game that will keep you engaged for hours on end. At the end of it all, you will carry away lessons for a lifetime.

Good: Based on the Bible

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