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Ready to play an endless fast-paced game? This is an amazing opportunity to try the recently released Flying Witch Mania game. Designed and created by Raul Cruz, this fantastic and addictive game was released on the App Store market on 7th December, 2016. Being a touch arcade game, its players have an easy time enjoying the game on its user-friendly platform. How is the game played? It structure and formation is pretty simple; the player should offer assistance to the witch through enabling him to fly over flames. The game requires the player to exhibit attentiveness in order to record high scores and proceed to different levels. With the current 9+ rating, this is a clear indication of how it has received positive acclaim. It is absolutely worth playing for any ardent game player!


Getting into the Game

One interesting thing about this game is its easy-to-play feature. This is attributed to its touch-screen capabilities that makes the player have an easy time during the gameplay. Once the game has started, the player will discover that Flying Witch Mania is always in a constant endless motion. The player is required to apply different jumps as the witch moves along different paths. Such a perfect navigation can make the player make through different obstacles on the way. In order to proceed to the next level, the player will have to collect plenty of bones along the way to accumulate points.

Meanwhile, the game comes with the option where the player can resume the role of different 8 characters during the game. As a player, one can exhibit different gaming styles that can assist in getting the highest scores. Also, the game offers a competitive platform where the player can invite friends to compete. The ultimate winner with the highest score tops the leaderboard. This indeed is a game worth playing as one gets into an unstoppable adventurous experience!

Compatible Devices for Flying Witch Mania game

The developer of this app was keen on checking the quality formation. This has been presented by the high quality graphics and display. Thus, the player will need a device that can seamlessly work with this app to boost its performance. Currently, the recommended devices include iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Meanwhile, iOS 10.0 or any new version will be required to enhance the app’s operations.

Here are the exceptional features that one will discover from the Flying Witch Mania game:

Apply different equipment and gadgets 

During the gameplay, the player is required to use the available equipment and gadgets where appropriate. Since the game involves a continuous motion, the player is required to be attentive in order to introduce an action on time. Besides, this can be an amazing opportunity that can enable the player to proceed to the next level after making a great winning. It is absolutely worth trying this feature during the game!


Invite friends for a challenge!

The game comes with the option where as a player one can invite a number of players to compete. Interestingly, the players are able to have a chance to give their best in the game. The player who ultimately tops with the highest score is acknowledged on the leaderboard. Additionally, this game has an online platform where the player can connect with other players around the world. This is meant to offer a more challenging experience and sharpen the player’s skills on the game.

Select between eight unique characters

This fantastic game is meant to give the player varied experience. Thus, it is notable that it comes along with 8 different characters that the player can select from them. Each character tends to display unique characters that are distinguishing in the game. During the game, the player can exhibit and apply different styled moves using different characters at a time. This can assist in identifying the abilities that each character in the game possesses.

Numerous levels to tackle

To ensure that the game remains lively, Flying Witch Mania comes with lots of levels that the player can tackle with ease. What does it take to proceed to the next level? Apparently, the player is required to collect bones after making different smooth moves. After earning some points, this opens a chance to the player to proceed to the next level. The higher the level, the more challenging the game becomes. A chance to crack more levels enables the player to ultimately climb on top of the leaderboard.

Here are the Pros and Cons that are evident in this game:


· Fun and addictive to play

· High quality graphics

· Lots of challenging levels worth tackling

· A chance to compete with friends

· Varied characters to switch to


· Minor bug problem experienced

· Mild horror noted

Final Verdict

Flying Witch Mania game is a uniquely designed arcade game that comes with a thrilling experience to the player. It adopts an amazing simple-to-play approach to give users a fun-filled experience. The integration of features like unlimited gameplay, unique characters and unique equipment and gadgets makes the entire experience amazing. Surely, this is a must-play game for any game lover. It is currently available for download on the App Store for absolutely free. Get it today!

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