2016’s most popular gaming apps

by | Jun 1, 2016 | General | 0 comments

This year will mark the moment when mobile gaming finally overtakes console and PC gaming to become the gaming option of choice. And it’s thanks to these groundbreaking tiles that the mobile gaming revolution has happened!

The Minecraft trend is looking like it’s showing no signs of going away through the Minecraft: Pocket Edition app regularly topping the app charts. And with plans to take the game to China, it’s certain to become one of the all-time gaming greats.

Bloons Tower Defence 5 has also provided gamers with plenty of further pixellated fun thanks to the way that it’s included a new tier of speciality building upgrades, special agents and complex missions to drive us all crazy on our smartphones.

And the Slither.io release has also provided many hours infuriating fun due to the way that it successfully mixes the old-school Snake gaming format with new multiplayer options as you endeavour to become the longest player of the day by gobbling up those multicoloured pellets.


Thankfully, there are some more traditional games out there to help even the most old-fashioned gamer feel at home in the modern gaming environment. The online Monopoly game has recently been successfully upgraded for smartphones, and roulette fans can play here for real money at the Betway site that features online roulette, blackjack, poker and many different kinds of slots games.

Other familiar titles that are showing no sign of going away anytime soon include those omnipresent Angry Birds, and the fiendishly addictive puzzle games that have made Candy Crush Soda Saga such a global hit.

The rise of freemium games like Clash of Clans also looks to continue throughout 2016, and the Arnold Schwarzenegger-curated Mobile Strike could become the world’s largest MMO if current trends continue.

But despite such big budget gaming releases there are always a few surprise hits which has been seen by the likes of Pinchworm which was created by ex-Facebook developers and has already garnered impressive accolades and download figures thanks to its simple pinch-and-pull gameplay mechanism.

And certain gaming apps have managed to add an element of danger with some innovative storylines and strategic features that’s been seen through the likes of Plague Inc. This gaming hit gives you the chance to destroy the planet thanks to your careful use of diseases and viruses that provides a timely update to issues of public health.

So whether you’re into the latest casino games, or just want to cause a global pandemic, there’s no shortage of great gaming apps in 2016!

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