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We all need a thriller and entertaining stage in our life and to fulfill that games plays an important role.Legend of abhimanyu is one of the best fighting games which truly shows the ancient culture and those epic performance in the past.The Games is being developed by ACY Entertainment Ltd.The games consists of some realistic entertainment and apart from the difficulty level makes the game even much better.Games has a support on IOS platform.


Legend of AbhiManYu is one of the best Fighting games which consists of some serious gaming which allows the users to have much fun.Actually the game consist of ancient culture at the time of “Mahabharata”.In the View of that the developer has made this game.It shows that how a guy who is only 16 manages to fight with the devils and win out from it.First of all the users need to sign into the game to experience the game.Once the user does that then its time for some real action where a warrior will fight with the devils.The games is a single play which means the users can play alone and beats all the devils with the powerful weapons.As the level rises the game becomes more tougher but yet it has fun.It is a unique game which has enjoyment and much more.The real gaming where the user try to access the difficult level and the villains gives a tough competition.As far the villians has been concerned they are one of the most powerful enemy of the warrior which always restrict the warrior and the warrior in turn tries to save his kingdom and those people.apart from this challenging puzzles gives a final touch to the game which consists of war formation.War formation consists of different level such as Wheel,Circular and other types of formation too.The game is one of the best battle game as it is being available in 13 languages.Developer has considered every point in order to make this game successful.


Legend of AbhiManYu is one of the best game which consists of one of the best feature.A.Different Varietes in game:Legend of AbhiManYu Consists of different types of soldiers such as Archers,Smear and Mace soldiers. To get the best experience the game also has soldiers with dual sword.It comes up Hack N Slash feature and apart from that on chariot Archers is another feature of Legend of AbhiManYu.
B.Boss Battle.The game has a real experience with the water power feature which has been given to karna to fight against the villians.The Villain in turn has their powerful weapons too.Karna Draw some realistic energy with the help of the sun which in turn generate fir to demolish the villians.
C.StoryThe game has story behind which shows some real gameplay of ancient culture.It graphics show cinematic feel which has fun to play.
D.It consists of Haptic Support and icloud support which helps to sort out all problems during the game.

1.Simple to play.
2.Available in 13 languages.
3.It is one of the best 3D game available for IOS.
4.Has one of the best graphics.

1.Do Not support on Android Platform.
2.App size is large.
3.Requires a good processor.

Legend of AbhiManYu is one of the best Single player games which has one of the best experiencing level which makes the game fun to play.It is available on App store which only under a price tag of 4.99$.The important part of the game is thos 13th culture were recalled in the game which contained some real gaming which makes the game best to have.

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