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This is a dating application that intends to bring back the old online dating sites. Users of the application are free to flirt as much as possible, sassy and
creative when interacting with different people. If you are lonely and looking for that sassy date, this is definitely your app. The following review will cover the features of the application and assess if it has lived to its expectation.

Dating is a very important aspect of human life, but should be left  confidential. Finding your right soul mate can be challenging and hence, this application has come to your rescue. The application not only enables you meet a date, but will go a long way brightening your life. It allows you to vote for your crush, hence creating a mutual bond that can eventually lead to a real date. This is how wonderful the app can be.

About the application.

The Koko Application is available for android enabled devices. Since its inception in 2014, the application has undergone several modifications to be how it is today. It involves different languages which make it a global phenomenon. It allows deep flirting, which ultimately makes one to meet their matches. It however comes with a free package option and a premium package for about $5.00.


The application is majorly based on flirting. It therefore comes with many features made to provide a good experience to the users. The application has set rules on getting rid of bots and what it describes as “tasteless nudes”. The real shot feature ensures that one can take pictures in real time, which will be used on a visual platform on the acquired date. When one signs in the app they can engage in activities such as voting for the crushes they admire, taking entertainment quizzes and normal chatting.

Pros ·
Quick matching-When one keys in their personal data such as interests, hobbies, and values of life, soon a match will be availed. On the other end, the individuals will be notified and then you can fix a real date.

Professional-The app is professional and does not allow for one to be sexually harassed.

High confidentiality-The naughty chats and everything in this app is secured and nobody can access it. Comes with a free package for those who cannot afford the premium package.

· The realshot ensures people cannot lie who they are.

· One is able to see the number of people who viewed their profile.

· This application does not allow sending of nude pictures.

· It is a multiplatform application, meaning that it can have users from different platforms.


· It is difficult to ascertain honesty of the people.

· Can lead to stigmatization from getting a lover through the internet.

· It gets rid of the mystery of relationship.

· Can be a waste of time and can lead to addiction.


Technology is changing how we go about our daily activities and hence, dating has not been left behind. It has led to a dating experience never experienced before, bringing in a genuine, slick, youthful and energetic feel. It can be ideal for shy people who do not want to leave their comfort zones. The act of flirting
and people reciprocating and seeing your votes go up, exceeds the entire excitement levels. If you need a hook up this is the best app for you.

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