OPSLAB APP- Complicated Databases are a thing of past now!

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OPSLAB is the latest app meant to fulfill your business necessities in the easiest possible manner. Designed by ‘Amdirent’, the OPSLAB app is a must for anyone who wishes to explore and improve his/her business skills. It’s an easy but an extremely powerful organizational tool that works EXACTLY the way you want.

With an interface that’s not just simple and easy to use but also professional looking, the app scores much higher than several other apps of the same genre. 

With OPSLAB, you can build business applications, data warehouses and APIs,all of this without any coding. That makes the agenda of this app pretty clear, i.e., simplicity and professionalism mixed into one. The app scores really big due to its “data protection policy”. With OPSLAB, stay tension free and relaxed. User can protect the data from losses and export it at any convenient time.


• STORAGE: Store large audio files, video files, backups, legacy files and XML/JSON data for later analysis and processing.

• Build ad hoc apps for your business in the most effective manner.

• DATA WAREHOUSES: With just 1 click, you can add data warehouses.

• IMPORT DATA: OPSLAB enables users to import Excel Data with a simple ‘drag and drop’ feature. Also, you can import data from external APIs.

• SURVEYS: With OPSLAB, you can design surveys, applications and Web forms like never before. The app offers a simple drag and drop form builder to design a survey in lighting fast times.

• API ENDPOINTS: All the data that you upload is instantly accessible accessible via a REST API. You can thus use it to power your web or mobile apps.


• SAVES TIME: With OPSLAB, you’re just one click away from a database creation. That saves time, which justifies the golden rule of business, “Time is money”.

• EASY-TO-USE: OPSLAB is so easy to use that even a novice with no first hand experience in database handling will be able to do what he/she intends to do.

• SCALE: With Microsoft Excel, you cannot scale. With OPSLAB, you can. That makes the app all the more good and satisfying.

• STORAGE: You no longer need to get stressed out for file storage. OPSLAB does that, so that you can retrieve the information later for analysis and processing.

• POWERFUL: OPSLAB is not one of those apps that are only easy to use, it is also extremely powerful and professional.


Subscription costs may vary from $0 to$25. This may worry some people. But once you get to know the app, all apprehensions will be erased from your mind, permanently.


OPSLAB is perhaps the best app in its league. It saves time, looks beautiful and is insanely simple to use. Having said that, the app perfectly mixes professionalism with simplicity. It’s a must have for anyone who needs to get his business on track, without any delay. Complicated databases and Excel spreadsheets are a thing of past now, with OPSLAB and its amazing feature of drag and drop. The app, simply summed up in one word, is HEAVENLY.

Worth Having Webapp – Try OPSLAB today

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