Bottled – an amazing way to find new friends all over the world

The first thing I liked about the application was the graphics. It is simple and beautiful. It looks like it is made for children, but every adult would like it too. A nice pirate character appears to advise you on your options, the blue ocean is so nice, the guy on the island looks so chill…. The sound effects are also awesome.   In the beginning, I was asked about my age and gender. The application also needed information about the target bottles I prefer – I could choose between male, female or both.   I had the opportunity to write a letter about myself, to introduce me to the community of the application and increase my chance to meet someone with interests like mine, which was great.

The best thing about the application is that after receiving a letter it gives you the opportunity to report the bottle, in case there is any inappropriate content in it. This is very good, however, I cannot tell how exactly the team will “take care” of the senders of inappropriate bottles. What if someone reports other people just for fun?   I personally have received only well-meaning letters and don’t have experience with reporting.  Another good idea is the ability to chat with someone only if you keep each other’s Bottled message. So when you receive a message you can keep it or not. And if you keep it – you can chat with the sender.   Using Bottled you can find friends literally everywhere. Everyone’s country flag is shown, so you can learn them. The world map with visited countries is a very nice way to visualize the location of your new friends.   An advantage for me is the opportunity to practice my English. I can find native English speaking friends and chat with them. This is a great way to improve your language skills while you are having fun.   And the application is not only for communication – you can buy different staff (virtually) and also send virtual gifts to your new friends.   You can improve your knowledge of the world not only by chatting with people from different countries but also by practicing with the quizzes from the Cheeky Captain.


Nice graphics and sound effects;Nice visualization of the places    “you’ve visited” on the globe;Everyone has his country flag,    so you can learn them;You can select genders to    communicate with;You can meet people from all    around the world;You can practice foreign    languages;It works with Latin and Cyrillic    keyboard;You can decide if you want to    communicate with someone or not;You can report inappropriate    content.


I haven’t experienced any problems or difficulties using the application. The only thing that bothers me is the possibility to be reported by someone for no reason. But maybe the developers have come up with a solution of the problem.  And one suggestion – given the fact, that it Bottled will be extensively used by children, it may be a good idea to include some kind of security warning not to provide too personal information to strangers.  Final verdict  Bottled is a very nice application, helping you to find new friends all around the world, practicing foreign languages and learning new things.

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