5 Plugins to Speed Up WordPress Websites

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WordPress is probably one of the most trending and popular websites when it comes to blogging. Several businesses like escape room koramangala rely on their WordPress blogs to spread awareness of their brand. Apart from content, much like any other website, the ease of accessibility decides the ultimate footfall on your WordPress page, and that includes speed.

So, in this article, we are going to focus on how you can easily speed up and work on WordPress development by the use of plugins. If your website or blog takes a lot of time to load, your viewers would be going to other places rather than sticking to yours. Thus, be prepared to work on your WordPress blog by using these plugins today!  

What are the top 5 plugins to speed up my WordPress website?

There are several plugins available to help you speed up your WordPress website. But we have analyzed and discovered the top-rated ones that you can use. Here they are:

1. WP Rocket

If you are looking for that one plugin that will rule out the existence of all others, go for WP Rocket. This plugin is a delightful mixture of all the beneficial caching features that any WordPress user would generally be looking for, alongside many other exciting ones! What remains even more exciting about this WordPress plugin is its immensely user-friendly interface. 

In comparison to other more complicated plugins that you may come across on the web, you will find WP Rocket to be so hackle-free! Even the entire setup process here is so easy that you can complete it in a matter of a few minutes. If you are looking for a speed optimization plugin for your WordPress website that would also likely do the entire work for you, go for this one! 

Some of the other features of WP Rocket that make it so reliable are as follows:

  • Pre-loading of caching
  • Access to advanced caching rules
  • Access to Google Analytics to seamlessly load the code from your chosen server

And so much more awaits you as you install this plugin today! 

2. Perfmatters

Perfmatters might be often seen as a plugin that takes a different approach to optimize page loading speed. As you might already be aware, WordPress has certain unrequired options built-in, which in turn slows down the performance of the site. You can use this plugin as a tool to disable those unnecessary options from your WordPress website. 

Unnecessary HTTP requests are yet another factor that increases the page loading time on your WordPress website. Fortunately, you can use Perfmatters to even disable or remove these unnecessary HTTP requests too! Here are some other features of this plugin that further make it so worthy of usage:

  • You can integrate it to work with your pre-existing caching plugin.
  • It is a considerably lightweight plugin
  • The plugin also supports the integrated use of performance-boosting features.  

3. NitroPack

With the use of NitroPack, you have at hand a complete solution for your WordPress website speed optimization needs. Once you start using this plugin, you can disable the numerous others that work on several specific aspects of speed optimization. After installing this plugin for your WordPress website, all you need to ensure is the severity with which you want the work to be done. 

Following the installation process, NitroPack works automatically to optimize your website. Here are some other features of this plugin that makes it so popular amongst users:

  • You can use it on WordPress and also on other content management systems. 
  • With this plugin, you have global CDN already included and configured for use. 
  • You now have access to so many kinds of caching like browsing and others!
  • Now you can easily convert your images to the next-gen formats with relative ease. 

4. WP Fastest Cache

Yet another performance plugin, WP Fastest Cache, just as the name itself suggests, focuses largely on caching. It offers users diverse features which will remain highly beneficial for your use! Neither too basic nor too highly advanced, WP Fastest Cache is just the right plugin that you can choose for your WordPress website today! 

You can simply install, activate and then run through the settings to use this plugin efficiently with your WordPress website. The best fact about WP Fastest Cache is, as it has over a million users, you are sure to receive some great positive reviews about it on WordPress! Other features of this plugin that makes its use so delightful are:

  • The process of setting this up is very easy and hackle-free.
  • You can now easily minimize your CSS and HTML.
  • You can choose specific posts/pages that you wish to exclude. 

5. Cache Enabler

Cache Enabler is a lightweight plugin that can be great for you to use for your WordPress website. With this, you can easily set a specific cache expiry time and minification setup. It is a plugin that is relatively easy to set up in comparison to others that you may avail yourself of. 

Some other features of this plugin that make it so useful are:

  • You can clear your cache with just a simple click.
  • You can even set specific post IDs that you wish to be excluded from cache.
  • By using this plugin, you can even set expiration dates as per your desires. 


Now that you know where to find the best options for speed optimization plugins, go ahead and choose the one that suits your needs best. Following that, you should run a speed test to check whether the performance of the plugin satisfies your desires. If it does, you are good to go. If not, then try another until you find the one that works best for your WordPress website! 

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