Remit Choice is a diversified platform for money transfer with faster, safer and easier mode of service. The app is developed by Remit Choice Limited and falls under the Finance category. The app is designed to make it simpler for users to send money without having to worry about cash, complex forms or long queues. All one needs is a 16-digit Visa or Mastercard number and the job is done.

Key Features of Remit Choice – Send Money Home

Remit Choice offers a multitude of payment options including debit card, credit card and bank transfer. The app also allows users to send money with the largest payout network, make transactions in three simple steps, receive real-time updates on their money transfer, and enjoy instant money transfer with zero fees and the best exchange rates.


The app is user-friendly and has an in-app chat to easily handle any specific problems. The app also has excellent exchange rates and once verified, it takes between three and ten minutes for funds to be credited to the recipient’s account.

How can I send money online through Remit Choice?

  • Create an account by downloading our mobile application available on Play Store, iTunes, or website.
  • Complete your profile and upload your identification document issued by local government.
  • Enter your desired amount and delivery method.
  • Enter your receiver’s information
  • Now, you are ready to make any transaction at best exchange rates at zero fees with Remit Choice.

What is my sending limit?

There is no as such limit on the amount which you can transfer by using Remit Choice as long as you provide us with proof of the funds which you are sending are from the legally verifiable source.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Remit Choice is a fantastic app for money transfer. It is the only app that has no hidden fees, no transfer charges and the best exchange rate compared to other apps available in the market. The app is highly recommended to anyone looking to transfer money to friends and family all over the UK, Europe, and Canada.


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