Danish CVR Lookup

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The Danish CVR Lookup integration is a powerful tool that simplifies the management of client data in your Pipedrive CRM. By searching through CVR numbers or company names from the official Virk database, this integration fetches and populates all the necessary organization data, saving you the hassle of manually entering information into CRM fields.

How to Use

To utilize this tool, all you need to do is enter the CVR number or company name, and the integration takes care of the rest. The required information, including address, contacts, financial data, number of employees, company type, and industry code, is automatically fetched and populated in your CRM. As Virk.dk is the official database of Danish businesses, you can trust that the data retrieved is reliable and accurate.

Key Features

The benefits of this integration extend to your sales and marketing teams. They no longer need to waste valuable time on data entry tasks, allowing them to focus on more strategic activities. The easy data updation feature ensures that your CRM is always updated with the latest information. Furthermore, the integration allows for bulk updates, streamlining the process for a large number of organizations. By accessing data from official databases, you can rely on the integrity of the information and make informed business decisions based on reliable insights.

Simple Guide to Setting up the CVR Lookup App:

  • Click Install Now and proceed to the authorization screen Choose the Pipedrive account for installation and authorize the app access. Click Allow and Install.
  • After successful authorization, select your preferred subscription plan. The trial plan is selected as the default plan. It is free with 15 credits and with no time limit. You can easily upgrade to the paid plan by clicking Manage plan inside the app settings.
  • Customize the mapping according to your requirements.
  • Review the workflow steps on the final screen. Click Finish to complete the installation process.

Final Words

Eventually, the Danish CVR Lookup integration is a valuable addition to your CRM toolset. It simplifies data management, saves time, and provides accurate information for your sales and marketing teams. Embrace this tool and enjoy the benefits of streamlined operations and enhanced efficiency.


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