Puzzle Saga – Battling Game with Puzzles

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Puzzle Saga is a unique app that has you battling and completing missions by solving puzzles. Gundulf, your teacher, starts you with a tutorial. You’re asked to create your character by creating a name, choosing an appearance and choosing an outfit. You are then taken to your home in the kingdom; there you can heal, shop, and talk with friends. Your first task is to fight a monster (a dog).

This is where Puzzle Saga deviates from other battling games. Battles are simulated through a puzzle game where you match symbols to generate attacks. Matching specific symbols generates a spell. These spells are blue moons which generates defense spells, red stars that casts fire attacks decreasing your enemy’s health, green planet casts healing spells, and a sun that casts a kinetic attack. If your health runs out you lose. Not all Puzzle Saga battles have these same puzzle symbols, so let’s keep it easy. Remember that any red symbol is a fire attack, match enough green symbols to replenish your health, blue symbols generates your defense, and yellow symbols are wind and kinetic attacks. Got it? Good!

If you don’t match your symbols in time therefore losing too much health, you will die. If this happens, rest in the hospital for 20 minutes or you can buy health and quickly get back into the game. One health cost 2 pieces of gold; max health is twenty seven, that’s 52 pieces of gold. You will also eventually run out of stamina. You can wait fifteen minutes for one stamina or buy some! You can use Facebook credits to buy both health and stamina.

When you have defeated your enemy, you get experience points and gold. There are many tasks to complete in Puzzle Saga. Completing tasks gets you rewards. One of your first quests is to navigate through a labyrinth and defeat the boss at the end to complete the mission. There are all sorts of locations to travel to complete quests including the dungeon, forest, desert, mountains, and tundra.

Puzzle Saga is different from other battle games because instead of picking which attacks you want to use, you must match a certain amount of that attack for it to generate. Puzzle Saga is also different from other puzzle games; in a normal puzzle game you must match any symbols as quickly as possible to gain as many point as you can in a short amount of time. In Puzzle Saga, you must pick wisely which symbols you want to match. If you constantly match attack symbols your health may decrease so low that you may actually lose the battle. Puzzle Saga is an amazing app that combines different elements of gaming we all love. You’ll be battling monsters, solving puzzles, and completing missions until you’ve become the greatest apprentice.

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