4rem for Sleep

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To address the common issue of excessive screen time before bedtime leading to sleep disruption, innovative solution, 4rem for Sleep, was meticulously crafted for benefit of users. Its primary objective is to combat the alluring trap of endless scrolling and captivating app interactions that often hinder our ability to wind down and sleep. Traditional screen time limit features have proven to be ineffective due to their susceptibility to being bypassed with a simple click of a button, rendering them almost obsolete.

Why 4rem?

Unlike other tools aimed at increasing productivity, the essence of 4rem lies in promoting relaxation, disconnection, and fostering healthier sleep patterns. By transforming your smartphone into a “dumbphone” through the use of our physical locking device, the 4rem Lock, we aim to provide you with a respite from the allure of digital distractions, especially during crucial pre-sleep hours.

The beauty of this solution lies in its simplicity – set up automated app locking based on your daily routines or manually activate the lock whenever needed, allowing you to personalize your digital detox experience. Furthermore, you have full control over which apps to restrict, ensuring that essential functions like alarms and emergency calls remain accessible. Investing in the 4rem Lock is a one-time commitment, devoid of any recurring subscription fees, making it a cost-effective and sustainable solution for reclaiming your sleep cycle.

How Different

To tackle the prevalent issue of excessive screen time interfering with sleep, our innovative solution, 4rem, was meticulously developed with a keen focus on optimizing bedtime routines. The creation of 4rem stemmed from a recognition of the common challenge posed by prolonged screen use before sleep, disrupting our natural wind-down process.

By effectively combating the elusive allure of endless scrolling and captivating app distractions, our solution aims to empower individuals to prioritize relaxation and disconnect from digital enticements. Unlike conventional screen time limit tools that are often circumvented with a simple click, the distinctiveness of 4rem lies in its efficacy in promoting healthier sleep patterns through tangible disconnection. Central to its design is the revolutionary 4rem Lock, a physical device that transforms smartphones into “dumbphones,” offering a sanctuary from the digital world during those vital pre-sleep moments.


The brilliance of this approach lies in its user-centricity, enabling individuals to seamlessly customize their app restrictions based on their unique schedules or to manually activate the lockdown for a personalized digital detox experience. Notably, the provision of full control over essential functions like alarms and emergency calls ensures practicality and safety amidst the enforced disconnection. With a one-time investment in the 4rem Lock, users can enjoy a sustainable solution without recurring fees, facilitating a cost-effective and holistic pathway towards reclaiming control over their sleep hygiene.

4rem for Sleep

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