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If you’re looking to kill some time, you need to play some good gaming apps on your device. But if you’re bored of playing good gaming apps and has too much time to kill, then should play some games with gruelling levels. The games in this list are quick, fun, and a perfect way to waste a few minutes and it kills your boredom. However, if you’re looking for fellow donut fanatics, then this place is certainly yours! Yes, today I’m introducing you about such a game which you’ve never played before.

It’s called “A day in the life of Atlas” which has been developed by Jelly-Filled Games, LLC. It’s a free arcade game which was published on July 9, 2017. It requires Android 4.2 or any later version of the Operating System. If you’re strong enough to hold up the Heavens, then this game is definitely your cup of tea!

You know that the developer of this game is a small Indie app-game development company which is unique and transparent and aims at creating enjoyable games, jam-packed with goofy additional content. This is the first game of Jelly-Filled Games, LLC, which is available on the Google Play Store to download.
The game is built on a poorly themed Greek Mythological content. You’ve to go through 4 chapters with excessively long challenge modes and 45 levels with an unfair medal system. Your main task is to play as a boring Atlas. Firstly, you have to activate tokens and complete complex combo sequences. If you want to buy enough time, then hold on to tokens and remember to keep the Atlas balanced by tilting your device. Weather the elements and survive the horrors of the 4th chapter. There are more than 30 lame alternate skins without special effects that you can attempt to collect.

It has unlockable, but pointless and endless modes to play. The game offers you mostly functional touch-screen-based arcade mechanics. If you need some help then it has a boring tutorial also and so many poorly crafted jokes. The interesting thing about this game is that it has hidden content that’s not worth finding and you’ll lose your mind looking for that content!

This game is a guaranteed huge waste of your time and recommended for those who are looking for such a game! You must be thinking that this game has all the things which are irritating then how can it be a good game to download? Wait guys, you’ll come to know the real features of this game when you get it in your device! So stop thinking and grab this amazing app now! A day in the Life of Atlas has all the things that you need to enjoy! 

The game contains purchasable content and ads. The content can be unlocked for free through gameplay, though much of the additional content is difficult to unlock. However, the ads used in this game are not intrusive or disruptive. But if you find the ads are annoying you then you can spend $2.00 or more to remove them automatically.

The game is not available in India, but in other countries. So get it now!

Pros: 4 chapters; 45 levels; easy yet challenging; balance the Atlas by tilting your device; easy controls; kills your boredom; a fun and engaging gameplay;  free. 

Cons: include ads; the app is not available in India.

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