(AD) Why you need Penetration Testing for your App

by | Dec 12, 2017 | General | 0 comments

In today’s technological world, security is an essential factor that you cannot dismiss out of hand. Of course, the act of training against cybersecurity can be inherently counterproductive. Cyber-attacks are so random and vicious that no training exercise could possibly prepare you, except for one. Consequently, it’s time to call in friendly hackers, otherwise known as penetration testers…

The art of penetration testing involves simulating a real world cyberattack. It’s a voluntary hacking, testing systems to see how strong, or indeed vulnerable, they are. The same principal can be applied to your app. Additionally, the demand for these talented individuals is high, illustrating a sincere need for talented cybersecurity specialists to work with individual businesses. Ultimately, you need them in yours too, and here’s why.

Proof and Validation

Anyone can claim that their app is the ‘best’ or the ‘safest’, but what matters more is proof of the matter. Cheap rhetoric counts for little these days, and there’s no better way to hammer home a point than with some cold hard data to cement the alluring message.

Penetration testing for your app is more than a test – it’s a promise. Consumers, clients, business partners, they’ll all be more attracted to a product or service that is proven to be of high efficiency. Treat it as a confirmation of quality, and the market will do so too.

Preparation and Determination

When guarding something of high value, defences don’t ever come down. They stay up round the clock, and maintain a constant integrity and strength as the backbone of the app business! In the end, some things matter just as much than simply boosting the cash flow alone.

This is what your app needs – constant care. Without it, tempting a flummoxing failure is guaranteed, so it’s essential to instil some routine and enforce security. Consequently, penetration testers will be glorified bodyguards, keeping the apps secure always and removing any doubts or worries from the mind.

Awareness and Education

As technology rapidly evolves, it can be tough to keep up when running an app alongside. After all, apps demand regular updates, and those updates demand their own updates too. It’s a puzzle and a maze, but penetration testing can streamline the chaos.

After all, not all responsibility needs to fall to the app designers and innovators, who no doubt have other company or product related issues to worry about. There’s no shame in calling in some extra help, and it may even provide a learning curve for the future. Reign in some professional know how, and let others keep your app safe while you keep it groovy.

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