AlphaQuest iPhone Game: Fun and Amazing

by | Jan 17, 2016 | iPhone /iPad Apps | 0 comments

One of the amazing games that the iPhone industry has developed is the AlphaQuest. This game is known to be one of the fun and a stylistic word game that challenges the user’s skills. You will also realize that the game will take you over awesome popping adventures that involve lots of bubbles.


The game is also one of the best in that it will test the users’ skills thus encouraging you top come back for more for another quest. AlphaQuest is simply an iPhone game that you tap a letter so as to spell a certain word. The game is full of fun for you will have to compete in various challenging levels which are in most cases over fifty bubbletastic levels.

You will have to ensure that you collect each and every coin, achievements as well as spelling the words properly so as to be in better position to compete will and defeat your friends who are your immediate competitors. Ensure that you use the power ups whenever you are in the single or multiplayer. Use this game to gauge your capabilities by seeing who reaches the best score and level in this amazing game. AlphaQuest has quite a good number of features that are meant to help the user enjoy word game with limited problems. Below are some of the features that one will realize when they are playing the game in their own smart devices.


  1. Taping of letters.

The letters that are present in this game are designed in manner that are easy to be tapped and will always come in different styles as well as directions on your device. You will have to ensure that you tap the correct word so as to come up with the best result since the game is very challenging.

  1. Amazing Graphics.

AlphaQuest is one of the best word games that you wilkl always wish to have in your device for the amazing graphics that is installed in it. The graphics are always of bright and colorful nature which will ensure that the game is catchy to the eyes of the user. This featuire will also help you warm up your heart so as to face the next challenging level.


  1. Powerful power ups.

In this game, there are also power ups that are very powerful for the users’ benefits. These power ups are beneficial in manner that they help the player in cracking various levels that seem to be challenging.

  1. Multiplayer option.

If you thought AlphaQuest is only a single player game, then you are wrong. The iPhone smart device game has a multiplayer option where you can engage in a multiplayer competition with your friends. In this feature, you will; be challenged by your opponents where you will decide on how to play the game in order to emerge victorious. You can simply choose either the short or long words or race so as to defeat your friends.

  1. Leaderboards.

There are also leaderboards that helps the player manage and inspect on how their friends progresses.

These are some of the amazing features of AlphaQuest that one will come across when playing this entertaining game. Download AlphaQuest iPhone game app today and enjoy a better word-playing experience.

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