Amazing Features Of Dynamite iPhone App

by | Sep 25, 2015 | iPhone /iPad Apps | 0 comments

The Dynamite is one of the interesting game apps that one can download in his/her iPhone. The game app shows that the iPhone apps have moved another step ahead in ensuring that the user is entertained whenever he uses it since it has amazing features. This game involves the wearing of masks on your entire face, start recording a video and then sharing the story that you have created. If you are an iPhone or iPad user, you will have to choose the best mask that fits up your face well so that you will create one of the best videos. When you have created the videos, you can simply share them as stories to various social networks so that your friends can view them. One of the interesting parts of this game is that you can share any type of video whether funny, uncomfortable or too personal to you. Dynamite has a feature of audio filtering where your video that you record can be created to perfect it to a better piece.


There are many features that Dynamite which ensures the experience of the user is made easy and entertaining. The following are some of them that you will realize when you are using this amazing iPhone app.

  • Telling out of Stories.

Dynamite app allows you to tell anyone the stories that you created. The stories should however be funny, on serious topics, news and various events that you attend. In other words, make sure that you create something that is of your own interest.


  • Joining of the Community.

In the event of sharing your videos via Dynamite, you will be building a community since you will have followers. In this respect, you will have a chance to create a community. Join an already created community of followers whom you will share ideas with. One of the interesting things that you will find it amazing is that you can control the people who will an access to your video that you share. Make sure to protect the secrets that you would wish to be seen by specific people from it being viewed by the public.

  • Sharing without fears.

The Dynamite is one of the apps that you can post or share any of your stories to various individuals without fears. For any story that you create and share, there will no judgments or criticism from people that view it. Through the use of Face masks and the Audio filters, you can simply share your story anonymously. You can also view other people’s stories in the community and get the chance to rate them or even give a comment. Use one of the best and perfect GIF animations that you get to reply to any video that you get.


  • Security Restored.

Dynamite is a secure and safe app that you can trust since it will never avail your personal information to anyone. The app ensures that you are the only viewer of your personal information keeping it safe and private. Never be in doubt of anyone knowing who you are and in this way you can share anything without fear.

These are the features of Dynamite and you can download it on your iPhone and have a better video and story sharing experience.

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