Anagrams HD: The Fun of Making Words

by | Feb 3, 2013 | iPhone /iPad Apps | 0 comments

There is no better way of learning than learning while playing. Not only kids, adults also love it when knowledge is shared in a lighter way. While other games and apps on iTunes are just for entertainment or other utility of daily life, the word games are made for enhancing knowledge of the user and eventually it educates people of new things. These games also make people think in a smarter way thus enhancing the power of their brain. Anagrams HD – iBrain by By Zaharia George-Lucian is one such smart word game that provides fruit to thought, to all age group of people.

Anagrams HD, as the name of the game suggests, is a game based on anagrams. The user requires arranging the letters provided on the screen to make a meaningful word and also make sure that it has the required number of letters. The game may sound very simple, but it is quite hard to play as you may face challenges with finding the right word from the jumbled letters. The difficulty will increase with each and every level, and so will your urge to know the correct answer. This will enhance your vocabulary and spelling. The people who love jumbled words, word scramble, bookworm and other such word game, will fall in love with this app.


  • The app covers a whole lot of English words, some being easy and some being hard. You will get a new word, every single time.
  • You can check out the tutorial of the game before starting.
  • The game operates with a simple touch of your fingertips. Just tap the letter in the order you want, to get the right combination. You can delete any letter you have wrongly typed.
  • The graphics of the game is kept uncomplicated. This keeps the focus on the letters and the spelling of the game.
  • In case you have missed some words, you can use the shuffle to redo them.
  • The high resolution retina display that is specially made for iPhones make the game look soothing and nice.
  • You can choose between, animal, general and location category to play the game. It is always better to choose either animal or location, before moving on to the general category.

  • 6 letter words are given to form in this app.
  • There are numerous puzzles to answer, so you are not going to be bored with it.
  • This is a new app, but it is not heavy at all. With its simple graphics, the version 1.0 of the app takes around 1.3MB space on your device.
  • The app is currently compatible with all iDevices with iOS 4.3 or later.

Summary: Anagrams HD is a word app that asks the user to form words with the given letters. The six letters words are not that easy to form, but they are fun to give a try.

Good: The app makes you learn a lot of words that may not be known to you, or you don’t use them in your regular life.

Bad: The app is priced a bit higher than what it should be. The cost of the app is $1.99.

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